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Drilling rig lift table available from Safetech

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Clarks Mining Services were established in 1980 and is the manufacturer of specialised crawler tracked drill rigs for the coal mining industry.

Clarks Mining required a crawler track with lifting capability. To achieve this they wanted to incorporate a crawler track with a Safetech hydraulic scissor lift table. This allowed personnel to drive the lift into mines and then raise the platform to a desired height to assist with drilling and maintenance.

Clarks Mining needed a solution for drilling operations to cause less strain and back injury to operators from constantly standing upright and trying to perform drilling with hand-held drills.

This custom-built Safetech ASD2-3000 2 tonne double scissor lift table is specially constructed for underground mining.

Drilling operations can now be performed both vertically (up and down) and horizontally on both sides of the machine. Additionally, advance or probe drilling can now be carried out in-seam for geological, geo-technical and gas and water drainage purposes.

The combination of the lift table and crawler track significantly reduced the risk of injury to operators and increased daily productivity.

The drilling rig lift table is available from Safetech.

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