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Alternative to stretch film for pallet wrapping

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article image Reduces waste volume by more than 90%.

SAFETECH has released 3M stretch tape, an alternative to stretch film for pallet wrapping. Stretch film wrapping can lead to waste plastic, product and carton damage from sweating beneath the film, inability to hold certain loads and inadequate ventilation for perishables or chilled or heated products.

3M stretch tape provides solutions to many of these problems and the auto stretch wrapper allows customers to gain these advantages with high production volumes. The auto wrapper and 3M stretch tape give equal or superior load holding ability, eliminate product sweating and condensation and reduce waste volume by more than 90%. The tape is recyclable and doesn't attract dirt and dust.

The automatic machine applies standard 36mm-wide, 500m-long rolls of 8886 stretchable tape without human intervention. The tape wrapper clamps the stretch tape to the pallet, seals it off and at the end of the wrap cycle and cuts the tape automatically, leaving a tag-free pallet. The machine can receive commands from upstream palletisers and wrap in a range of tape patterns. Multidirectional in-feed and out-feed conveyors can be linked to the wrapper using conventional PLC technology. Pallet caps can be added to the top of the load during the tape wrapping process.

The automatic stretch tape wrapper will handle high-volume throughput and is built to Safetech's very high standards of durability.

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