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600 kg Capacity G-Force released by Safetech

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article image 600 kg Capacity G-Force released by Safetech

This new higher capacity G Force, available from Safetech  delivers the motion control and precision you’ve come to expect from the G-Force® range, including the popular Float Mode option which allows any weight to be effortlessly moved up or down with a slight upward or downward force providing direct control of the load for precision placement. 

Available as both Q and iQ models, the 600 kg unit is able to lift twice the weight of our previous 660 lb capacity unit by incorporating a reeved wire rope and pulley assembly. The pulley assembly is positioned above the G-360 collector, enabling full 360-degree rotation of loads.  

Infinite Speed Control:

The G-Force moves with the motionof the operator, going as fast or as slow as the operator chooses to move. It is ideal for heavy lifting applications thatrequire high speed at some points in the cycle and slow, precise movements at other points.

Pinpoint Precision:

The G-Force delivers unparalleled precision throughout its full range of speed. This gives the operator the control necessary to finesse expensive or fragile parts.

Float Mode Option

As with all other G-Force models, the 660 kg. capacity unit can be equipped with Float Mode. With Float Mode engaged, operators can apply a very slightamount of force onto the load itself to precisely orient loads with both hands throughout the full stroke range.

Safety Features: 

  • Anti-Recoil Technology
  • Capacity Overload
  • Power Loss Protection
  • Operator Present Function

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