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10 point safety check for Safetech Scissor Lift tables

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article image 10 point safety check for Safetech Scissor Lift tables

Safetech scissor lifts offer a wide range of features that set  new standards for safety.  Safetech’s scissor lifts are supplied with safety features as standard and the basic structural design is far more robust than other scissor lift designs which use a thinner leg design and no electronic safety controls.

Safety features of the Safetech scissor lifts include the following:

  • Scissor lifts feature flow control to prevent collapse of the platform if the hose is pierced or ruptures
  • Smartlift on all scissor lifts provides a safety recoil with safety alarm, indexing and diagnostic feedback on the tables function
  • Vent line to provide a visual indication of oil flow and spillage
  • High engineered safety factor in scissor lift base and legs and platform
  • Roller retainers to eliminate upending of the platform
  • A limit switch is added to the scissor lifts to prevent over travel
  • Hold down lugs to fix the table to the floor
  • Safety bars come standard on all scissor lift tables, optional scissor skirt available
  • 24 V in the hand controls
  • Maintenance chocks for safe service and maintenance access
  • Manufacture and design in Australia of all scissor lifts ensures high quality and compliance with OH + S regulations
Safetech also offer additional safety options for their workbenches, which have been designed for workers who use their scissor lifts table as a fabrication or assembly bench. They include:
  • Multiple hand or foot controls can be supplied to prevent unnecessary movement around the table to change its elevation
  • A slide out tray to store tools and plans in
  • On Board power outlets that eliminate trailing electrical cords
  • Plumbing for air hoses
  • Welded edge tabs to store tools and welding guns on the table
  • Sizes range from 100 kg to in excess of 20 tonne with an infinite offering of platform sizes to exactly match any customer's needs
Added to this focus on safety are the other options and features readily available from Safetech. They include multiple turntable options, customised deck sizes, special surface treatments, workbench additions, tilting decks or even personnel carrying modifications for their scissor lifts.

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