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Saferoads develops road safety and pedestrian protection bollards

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article image Omni Stop bollards installed at a roadside cafe

Omni Stop bollards available from road safety solutions specialist Saferoads are an energy-saving range of bollards designed to provide pedestrian protection.

Vehicles often crash into construction zones, bus stops, pavement cafes and retail shop windows; protecting lives from potential injury or death is therefore paramount for all authorities. One way to prevent out of control vehicles crashing into work zones or pedestrian areas is to erect a barrier that can provide suitable protection without restricting everyday activities at sites on or adjacent to a road.

Common types of barriers such as precast concrete sections or water-filled plastic units provide inadequate protection and in some cases, can increase damage and injury to drivers and pedestrians.

The energy-absorbing Omni Stop bollard has been extensively crash-tested with impacts up to 60 kilometres per hour and also complies with the requirements of AS/NZS3845:1999 Table 5.3.3(3).

Designed, assembled and tested in Australia, Omni Stop bollards allow access for workers to a construction zone or pedestrians to a shopping precinct while preventing vehicle penetration into the area at the same time.

Made from carbon steel, Omni Stop bollards are supported by a unique energy absorbing cartridge encased in a concrete footing. When the bollard is impacted, the cartridge deforms and absorbs the kinetic energy of the vehicle. For instance, when a 1600kg car at 60km per hour hits an Omni Stop, the bollard moves no more than 300mm. The cartridge can deform in any direction, allowing it to be located where it provides the best protection. After several impacts, the inner cartridge can be replaced and the bollard is ready for use again.

The effectiveness of Omni Stop bollards in protecting workers, drivers and pedestrians is recognised by councils in all States. The Omni Stop bollards can also be installed to protect communications assets from costly vehicle damage, which may otherwise cause disruption in service.

Omni Stop safety bollards are also recommended for pavement cafes where large numbers of people are seated close to moving traffic. A growing number of local authorities across Australia have made it part of their outdoor dining policy that energy-absorbing bollards be installed to protect diners at all cafés. Similarly, tram stops, bus stops and other pedestrian areas where there are large numbers of commuters closer than normal to the edge of the road are also being protected by energy-absorbing bollards.

The Omni Stop bollards are ideal for construction worksites along busy suburban or CBD streets. The bollards also function well as a safety barrier around loading docks or crane bays at sites to protect workers unloading materials. Omni Stop bollards can be sited along roadways to delineate safety zones, with some bollards fitted with a lifting eye to provide the flexibility of removing them and covering the hole left with a specially designed steel disc, which allows road authorities to open the lanes for peak hour, special events or emergency traffic flows. 

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