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Workplace Safety Training Services from Safer Oz Industries

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Safer Oz Industries  offers comprehensive training and support services designed to facilitate safety in workplaces in compliance with OHS regulations.

Workplace safety training services are provided by the company for a diverse range of commercial and industrial clients as part of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements.

Managing visitors and contractors in the workplace is a key aspect of workplace safety. From time to time, various people enter commercial spaces, business offices or industrial facilities for a variety of reasons. They may be deliverymen delivering equipment or outside contractors assigned to repair a machine or fix a broken light. As visitors, these people are entitled to the same level of protection from risk of injury as any other employee.

Generally, employees in any office or industrial facility are familiar with their workspace, potential risk of injury and safety measures that are in place to prevent occurrence of such injuries. Employers are responsible for ensuring that appropriate site induction is provided to deliverymen, contractors and various visitors to prevent accidents from happening in the working space.

Workplace safety training services ensure that employers are sufficiently equipped to facilitate a safe environment for their employees as well as people not familiar with their workspace or their work that may inadvertently place them at risk of injury.

Workplace safety training services also ensure that any visitor entering the workspace also leaves the workspace unharmed.

As part of preventive workplace safety services, employers and employees are trained to spot visitors who may be placing themselves at risk, perhaps by standing in a high traffic spot, handling equipment they shouldn’t be or not wearing appropriate personal protective equipment such as a high visibility vest or safety glasses.

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