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Designated Work Group Services from Safer Oz Industries

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Safer Oz Industries  specialises in a range of workplace safety training services designed in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations.

Designated work groups or DWGs are groups of employees working in an industrial or commercial facility who perform similar tasks and are exposed to similar risks of injury.

In most workplaces, various groups of employees work in different areas, perhaps even at different sites performing a diverse range of tasks and being exposed to unique injury risks that may be dissimilar to potential risks in other areas of the business. For example, employees working in a paint shop are exposed to different risks than those in a machine shop such as fitters and turners or in an administrative role such as finance or payroll.

Designated work group services offered by the company focus on minimising the potential for injury in the workplace across independent domains.

Why ‘Designated Work Groups’?

Employees are entitled to work in an area that is safe and free from risk. Groups of employees at a business work in separate areas and face exposure to different risks of injury.

Designated work group services address the risks faced by employees in the direct line of their work by grouping them appropriately and assigning a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) for each group. Each Designated Work Group is represented by at least one Health and Safety Representative duly elected by the employees within the specific group.

Setting up ‘Designated Work Groups’

Designated work group services offered by the company help employers negotiate with their employees on how best the workforce can be grouped that will represent and safeguard the interests of all stakeholders of the business.

OHS training and support services enabled by the company help businesses protect their employees as well as their business interests through efficient risk prevention and management.

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