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Safety Anchors introduces Vertic Horizontal Lifeline

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To ensure their continued existence as market leaders, Safety Anchors is to introduce all new Vertic Horizontal Lifeline. Vertic Horizontal Lifeline is an anchoring device that facilitates horizontal movement at heights with complete safety. Safety Anchors introduces Vertic Horizontal Lifeline can be used on many different kinds of structures (roofs, facades, overhead cranes etc).

A Vertic Horizontal Lifeline system is an integral part of a site safety and risk assessment process. Vertic Horizontal Lifeline system can be specified at the initial design stage or added to meet the requirements of Safety Legislation. Safety Anchors realise each site has its own unique access and restraint requirements; therefore each system must be customised accordingly.

The Vertic Horizontal Lifeline is versatile and aesthetically pleasing, with systems suitable for Horizontal or Vertical, inclines and curved access routes. The Vertic System can be retrofitted, where internal access may be impracticable without removing the roof sheeting.

This versatility allows Safety Anchors and their innovative products to address the demands of modern architecture, heritage buildings, and harsh industrial environmental conditions enabling safe access to roofs and difficult access locations for maintenance.

Safety Anchors can deliver a specific solution for all Height Safety requirements. Each system will be professionally installed and certified by Authorized Installers and Distributors nation wide.


The unique energy absorber can reduce the loads at the extremity of the system to 6kn and has been tested on three successive shocks of 20kn. This premium performing absorber includes a fall indicator and is constructed from 316 Stainless Steel. Vertic Horizontal Lifeline system’s high performance affords protection to the structure and the operators. The integrated fall indicator allows for the setting and tensioning of the Lifeline (won’t deform less than 200kg). When there is a fall the energy absorber extends, making the control and identification for maintenance purposes far easier.

The Horizontal Safety Runner facilitates a safe, simple means for attachment to the Lifeline. Vertic Horizontal Lifeline system allows the operator to pass easily and conveniently over the intermediate brackets without the need to disconnect. Incorporating increased safety, the Safety Runner requires two distinct motions to disconnect, avoiding accidental disconnection.

The innovative design continues with the IFR90 intermediate brackets. Vertic Horizontal Lifeline system is made of one single rolled part (to avoid soldering) that is not deformable and reinforced with two aluminium bodies. The unique design features allow for attachment to intermediate posts or for direct mounting to concrete or steel. This flexibility allows for variable positioning (wall mounted, overhead applications etc) and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Vertic also has a mobile bracket (IMR) that allows for the use of a lifeline on both sides without having to disconnect the runner.

The current Workcover regulations for fall prevention

The NSW Code of Practice for Safe Work on Roofs – Part 1 Commercial and Industrial buildings outlines the need for Height Safety Systems.

In section 2 of the code the planner /designers are called to take into account whether the work practices necessary to carry out installation, and maintenance of the designs are safe. Among many matters to be considered includes the permanent provision of safe access to the roof for maintenance.

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