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Safety Anchor for safer work at heights

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It is important when considering safety requirements that a risk assessment is undertaken to highlight risks, when working at heights. One important aspect of fall protection often neglected is the ability for the structure to take the applied load. Great care may be taken, in selecting anchorages and horizontal lines to ensure compliance to the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards. However, little or no attempt is made to ensure that the structure is able to accept loads; such as 15kn (1.5 tonnes) in the case of a 1 man fall arrest as stipulated in AS/NZ 1891.4.   

With the inherent weakness of all installed systems, being the structure to which they are attached, it is important that we understand the ability of products to absorb energy.  

Understanding the applied loads to structures should be given serious consideration. In many instances the product may comply, however the load applied to the structure may exceed the original design capabilities of the structure.      

The unique energy absorption of the Safety Anchor ensures (through comprehensive energy absorption testing) that Safety Anchor is able to guarantee that the products will not compromise the structure.   

The Safety Anchor's Anchor has undergone rigorous testing to enable us to understand the energy absorbed by innovative specially designed eyebolt. The test results proved that eyebolt is capable of absorbing up to 88% of the applied energy (dependent on the type of anchor used). This is a huge advantage when one considers the potential damage a 15kn load could inflict on the structure. The Safety Anchor is independently tested to AS/NZ1891.4 and is rated at 24kn. Throughout this testing little to no damage was incurred to the structures.

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