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Connect2 Horizontal LifeRail Systems

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Safemaster offer the unique Connect2 Horizontal Liferail system to provide a secure and rigid connection for fall arrest, abseiling, including the connection of building maintenance units. The product has many unique features and can be used in many different commercial and industrial applications.

The Connect2 Horizontal Liferail system is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of settings;
  • At the top of buildings or under the soffit of high rise buildings for ease of façade maintenance.
  • Used inside buildings in Atriums to provide suitable Abseil access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Used to provide a gantry support system for a Building maintenance unit
  • Inside large maintenance sheds, providing a rigid rail for retractable fall arresters to provide safe access to the top of machinery and large vehicles
  • Above truck loading bays, providing a rigid rail for retractable fall arresters to provide safe access to the back and sides of the trucks
  • Above machinery and equipment in manufacturing plants, to provide safe access for maintenance 
  • Can double the use, can be used for a light crane or fall arrest in most applications 
  • Designed to create a free standing monorail system for safe access equipment for egress to the tops of tankers or trains

The Connect2 Horizontal Liferail system is many unique unparalleled features and benefits;
  • Designed to be lightweight, have low maintenance, attractive, adaptable 
  • Able to span up to 8m in a single span, illuminating the need for additional structural elements in most situations.
  • The rail construction is marine grade corrosion resistant aluminium, alloy extruded curved section and as such is self cleaning and thereby does not require any surface coatings.
  • Designed to 22kn or up to 1000kgs, depending on the configuration.

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