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Climb2 Modular Access Ladder Systems and Vertical Lifelines

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 Safemaster's Climb2 Modular Ladder System provides safe and easy access to roof areas and elevated environments that are difficult to access, especially for inspection, preventative maintenance and servicing. The Climb2 range of modular access ladders are aesthetically pleasing, has a user-friendly design and is a lightweight robust aluminium construction.

These ladders are available with fall protection accessories including vertical fall arrest lines and safety cages along with security products including lockable cage gates and lockable doors to prevent unauthorised access.

The Climb2 range of Modular Access Ladders is well suited to all applications, whether for internal or external access use, and fold-down ceiling ladders for internal access to roofs and roof spaces or maintenance platforms. Safemaster ensures their Climb2 Modular Access Ladders exceed the demands of even the most challenging applications, engineering the correct ladder requirements to suit and to comply with all mandatory regulations, codes of practice and standards.

Safemasters Climb2 Modular Ladders are well suited for many and varied environments including industrial and commercial buildings, mines, airports, towers and many other applications. Safemaster has other products that marry together with the Climb2 Modular Ladder Systems which include the Skybridge2 Walkway and Modular Platform Systems and BarricadeU hand-railing systems.

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