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Altrac cranes available from Safety Anchors

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The characteristics of Altrac that make it great for a crane kit also make it great for fall arrest systems. These Altrac cranes are available from Safety Anchors

The free-running trolleys that make it easy to move products into CNC machines also make it easy for window washers to move themselves across the entire face of a building.

The strength of the material that allows the user to lift up to one tonne in the factory while still having long lengths between supports also makes it possible for multiple users to safely access the same area without affecting each other if one of them falls.

Also, because the rail has little deflection, it is easy to rescue someone after a fall.

The durability of Altrac cranes makes the safety kit a great fall arrest system suitable for use in all types of environments, from dirty mining applications, to clean food and beverage manufacturing.

While it is an attractive addition if used for window or facade cleaning and maintenance on hi-rise buildings, it can also be used as a freestanding fall arrest system for maintaining large mining trucks or construction equipment.

The Altrac crane kit can be erected on a site when needed and just as easily moved to the next one. It is also ideal as a fall arrest system attached to a large crane that needs routine maintenance and inspection.

Altrac has been tested for this purpose and it meets all of the requirements for AS/NZS 1891 - Industrial fall-arrest systems.

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