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Altrac Fall Arrest Systems for Roof and Height Safety from Safemaster Height Safety Solutions

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Altrac fall arrest systems, available from Safemaster Height Safety Solutions are Australian designed, tested and manufactured height safety solutions that are also effective and practicable.  

Designed for simple mounting to the top of a building or the inside of a roof at a factory, Altrac fall arrest systems by Safety Anchors are suitable for fall arrest and abseiling requirements in height safety or roof safety applications.    

Typical applications of Altrac fall arrest systems include cleaning and maintaining building facades and windows. A simple freestanding monorail can also be set up at mining and construction sites for accessing trucks, equipment and cranes.  

Altrac fall arrest systems are also used by large contract builders as well as transportation, logistics and manufacturing industries.  

The Altrac rail is a marine grade corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy extruded curved section. Being self cleaning in design, the rails do not need any other surface coatings.  

Altrac rails can be supplied in lengths of 12m and in curved sections. Their high tensile strength means that fewer supports are required enabling a span of up to 5m for two people.  

High tensile strength of the rails ensures workplace safety and also facilitates cost savings from reduced materials, installation times and weight within the roofing structure.  

Altrac fall arrest systems are easily assembled using a range of standard brackets and mountings in addition to the provision of T-slots in the extruded track section upper flange to allow the use of captive nut fasteners.  

The three slots give unlimited scope for the positioning of the suspension brackets and mounting locations. A full range of structural brackets is available to easily and safely install as well as support the complete system using a single spanner and electric drill.  

Key features of the Altrac fall arrest system 

  • Lightweight and modular design enables quick and easy installation while allowing future modification, extension or relocation
  • Smooth surface of the Altrac coupled with a rolling resistance of less than 0.5% enables ease of movement, unrestricted by the weight of the supporting system trolley
  • Freedom of travel around the complete run of the system including curved sections ensures continued connection
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of disconnecting from one trolley to another
  • All wheels remain in contact with the system at all times ensuring a free run while reducing risk of jamming or skewing
  • Extruded in Australia using Australian materials of the highest integrity

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