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Safe & Security Wholesalers (SSW) imports and distributes Anvil Safes

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Safe & Security Wholesalers Pty Ltd (SSW) are the sole importers and distributors of Anvil Safes. The Anvil Safes range from home and domestic safes, to office and commercial safes. 

The AF series safes are affordable, commercial safes, which offer protection for limited, smaller holdings such as cash, valuables and documents. The AF series safes give protection against theft and fire protection for paper records.

Door: Overall thickness 23mm. Composite slab door with additional protection over the lock. Bolt work comprises 23mm diameter moving front bolts, together with a full height steel dogging bar at rear. Lift off hinges arused; when the door is open it is simple to remove it from the body, where it is required to reduce the weight during delivery or in a lift, without reducing the security of the safe. Patent closures and an insulating layer are designed to give protection for paper records against fire up to 30 minutes.

Locking: IT 4000 electronic lock; La Gard electronic six digit touch pad; three wheel one million change combination are some of the options.
Body: Flush mounted bolt down hole is provided.
Finish: High quality paint finish in cream.
Fire rating: Designed to give 30 minutes protection for paper records. Sensitive materials such as stamps, microfilm, diskettes, magnetic media may require a lower internal temperature and can be stored in Anvil range of diskette/data cabinets.
Service: For reliable operation, every year, the combination lock has to be cleaned and adjusted, and other door linkages inspected and cleaned to prevent dust and moisture build up.  

Burglary alarms: A vibration detector to the safe can be connected into the after hours alarm system, as an option. Any concerted physical attack will trigger the detector and raise the alarm.
Hold-up options: Safe can be converted into a day-time protector against hold-up, by fitting a time delayed digital lock, together with a duress signaller, if day time alarms has been fitted to business premises.
Insurance cover: The AF Series safe has been designed to protect cash risks.

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