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WC020 and SW020 oil water separators from Safe-Waste Industries

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Safe-Waste Industries  provides different types of separators. These oil or water separators are marketed in the name of Safewaste. Oil or water separators are manufactured using stainless steel. General features of this oil or water separators from Safe-Waste Industries include compact construction, easy installation, can be cleaned with ease and also devoid of filter bags.

Oil or water separators designed by Safe-Waste Industries are available in different models. The WC020 oil water separators have been specifically designed for marinas, small workshops as well as wash bays. Different features of this oil water separator include removable drainage tray made of stainless steel, removable solid screen of stainless steel, individual adjustable feet, adjustable oil level and compact shape. This model also comprises of a vertical spiral tube block that enable easy cleaning and devoid of filter bags.

The SW020 oil water separators from Safe-Waste Industries can be used in cars, manual washing bays, mining workshops as well as compressor service bays. SW020 model comprises of features like stainless steel construction, removable solid screen, built in vent, adjustable oil level, silt trap and built in oil overflow protection. This oil water separator has flow rate ranging to about 1000 litres per hour and also has space efficient construction.

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