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Dome mirrors from Safe-T-View Convex Mirrors

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Safe-T-View Convex Mirrors  offers a wide range of convex mirrors for indoor and outdoor applications. Safe-T-View Convex Mirrors offers convex mirrors that are ideally used for surveillance.

Safe-T-View Convex Mirrors offers dome mirrors that are light in weight ideal for indoor applications especially for surveillance and for central observation. Dome mirrors provide a wider coverage when compared to the standard mirrors. Dome mirrors are suitable for applications including four-way intersections, corners or t-intersections. Dome mirrors are available as dome, half dome and quarter dome mirrors ideal for wide observation.

Full dome mirrors from Safe-T-View Convex Mirrors is suspended on chains or fixed to the ceiling through fastening to obtain 360 degree view. Half domes provide 180 degree view and corner domes provides 90 degree view.

Safe-T-View Convex Mirrors offers inspection mirrors which cater to view hard to see areas like undersides of school buses, vehicles, trains, trucks, industrial and construction equipment. Inspection mirrors or anti-terrorist mirrors are used in police traffic inspections, airport security, military check points and auto emissions inspections.

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