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Head wear accessories and helmet restraints from Safe-Mate

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article image The SAFE-MATE standard helmet restraint from Safe-Mate

With HATRIX headwear accessories and SAFE-MATE helmet restraints from Safe-Mate , headwear falling or blowing off in the wind is now a thing of the past.

From straw hats to hard hats HATRIX and SAFE-MATE headwear accessories and helmet restraints ensure that hats and even scarfs stay on in the height of activity and the toughest of weather conditions.

With HATRIX, simply fit the device to the hat and sit it lightly on top of the head. Then wiggle the HATRIX fingers through the hair so they are touching the scalp and when the wind blows wiggle the hat down so the fingers flex and grip.

Hatrix has many benefits other than securing headwear to the head. These include:

  • elimination of chin cords
  • no more flat 'hat hair'
  • keeps the hat dry from perspiration
  • keeps hair dryer
  • cool breeze can get under the hat
  • the hat fits better
  • virtually universal sizing
  • hair bands, clips, and sunglasses can be worn under the hat.

SAFE-MATE is a helmet restraint for hard hats and welding helmets, which stops them from slipping off and sliding around while bending over while increasing their safety performance. 

The SAFE-MATE product has been welcomed all around the world and is made using quality and durable materials.

Safe-Mate have now introduced a range of 'guaranteed to fit into' Cowboy safety helmets as well.

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