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Safe Environments conduct slip testing on treated terrazzo

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article image Slip testing on treated terrazzo

Safe Environments  were commissioned to conduct slip testing on a non slip treatment that was applied to a slippery terrazzo floor of a commercial building in North Sydney. The slippery terrazzo formed part of the external colonnade and a florist shop that is anticipated to be wet at times and was considered to afford a high risk of slipping.

Slip Safe Sydney applied a treatment to increase the slip resistance of the floor, thereby reducing the risk of a slip and fall accident. The non slip treatment used an acid etching technique that allowed the aesthetically appealing terrazzo to become functional and safe.

The non slip treatment increased the slip resistance of the slippery terrazzo to a British Pendulum Number (BPN) of 56. Slip testing was conducted in accordance with AS/NZS 4663 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces. In reference to AS/NZS 4586 Slip resistance classification of pedestrian surface materials, the surface achieved a Pendulum Class V, the highest wet pendulum slip resistance classification.

The process of verifying the slip resistance by slip testing the non slip treatment is an essential part of documenting due diligence. The effect of the non slip treatment must be documented, as variations in slip resistance can occur due to the chemical resistance of the surface, the strength of the non slip treatment along with the length of time and number of non slip applications.

It should be noted that American slip testing methods that use a pull meter do not meet the requirements of the Australian slip resistance standards. The pull slip testing meters provide inaccurate slip resistance measurements which can result in potentially dangerous situations if relied upon.

Slip testing must be conducted to Australian Standards using the wet pendulum slip testing method and the dry floor friction slip testing method. Regular slip testing by Safe Environments can confirm the slip resistance of non slip treatments and assist to identify if non slip treatment may be required to increase the slip resistance, thus minimising the risk of a slip and fall accident.

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