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Safe Environments  advise that the results of slip test inspections are an essential part of an OHS management plan. Slip test inspections should be conducted on an annual basis as a minimum and quarterly for high use shopping centers and commercial buildings and should be undertaken using the wet pendulum slip test and the dry floor friction slip test. Both slip test devices are portable machines to measure the coefficient of friction (CoF) of the floor. 

Slip test inspections are recommended as part of due diligence, with slip and falls being a high risk OHS and public liability cost. Slip test inspections will identify high risk slippery surfaces before a claim arises.

The slip test inspection assesses floor areas with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the relevant Australian Standards. Slip test results that do not meet the recommendations of Standards Australia & CSIRO Handbook HB197 may not necessarily be unsafe however further analysis of slip test results along with recommendations of possible control measures can be provided.

Regular slip tests will also indicate whether a surface has dropped significantly or if there are small ongoing changes to determine if interventional measures may be required. A slip test on sample treatments of non slip treatments allows transparent, accountable information to conduct a cost benefit analysis. 

Cleaners should also undertake a slip test inspection whenever a new polish is applied as polish manufacturers will provide a dry slip test, however they may not provide a wet slip test.  The wet slip test is important to identify the risk of slipping in wet weather, which is when the most slip and fall accidents occur.  

Where a slip and fall may result in litigation, Safe Environments provides slip test inspections that comply with the expert witness code of conduct. Our internationally regarded consultants have provided evidence based on unbiased factual slip test inspections in the CTTT, District and Supreme courts.

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