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JD8 asbestos monitors from Safe Environments

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Designed for long and active work lives, JD8 asbestos monitors are manufactured from 2.5mm thick aluminium, which is cold-formed and welded along all seams. As such, they are rigid, non-rusting and durable. In addition, these asbestos pumps are finished in a tough epoxy power coating.

The asbestos pumps have a high efficiency, multi-diaphragm pump unit, with the capacity of up to 8 litres a minute. The flow rate is maintained within +/- 3% of the set figure by an electronic control unit which is epoxy sealed to protect against moisture, heat and vibration.

There are two methods of adjusting the flow rates of the asbestos monitors. They can be adjusted electronically with an inset screw adjustment device for high flow rate tests. Then they can be finetuned for low flow rates by an adjusted knob at the front of the asbestos pump unit.

JD8 asbestos monitors feature new battery technology which means that they weigh less than 4kg. Charging equipment and spare mast are provided with a set of five asbestos pumps.

JD8 asbestos monitors are available from Safe Environments .

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