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Safe Environments  adhesion testing uses a Proceq Dyna Z6 pull-off tester with a digital manometer force gauge. Different dolls are used for different types of tests. Most commonly a 50 mm aluminium dolly is used to calculate the adhesive strength of coatings and general adhesives. When testing ceramic tile adhesives a 50 mm square dolly is the most suitable.  

Adhesion testers can help determine: 

  • The efficacy of a coating system
  • The effect of additives on coating systems
  • The effect of primers on coating systems  

If there is any likelihood that there may be adhesion issues in old substrates such as contaminated concrete, adhesion pull off tests can be conducted on a sample of the concrete before any full scale adhesion testing is done to determine the extent of the issues.  

It is extremely important that the tile, whether it is ceramic or porcelain for example, is compatible with its respective adhesive. This is because there is little or no mechanical interlock within the porcelain substrate due to the negligible porosity of the tile. This is where adhesion testers prove useful. These adhesion testers can even determine if the glue used on the meshing on the back of mosaic tiles may affect their tensile strength.  

Employing adhesion testers on major projects could result in a large cost saving over the life of the project.

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