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Coil tilters from SWI Engineering

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The coil tilters manufactured by SWI Engineering are highly capable at keeping the coil centre of gravity as unmoving as possible at the time of tilting. This protects the coil against any damage. This is highly required for a smooth operation and ensures that the tilter can never move unexpectedly.

SWI Engineering’s coil tilters are ideal to perform electric or hydraulic operations. The electric models of coil tilters are normally driven by SEW Gearmotor that has a high torque brake whereas hydraulic models have counterbalance valve for smooth operation.

SICK which is a unique brand of limit switches is highly capable and can control the tilting motion efficiently. The smooth tilting action can also be easily controlled by variable speed drive. Normally a coil tilter from SWI Engineering is provided with the tilting time of fifteen seconds.

It is also easy to use these coil tilters from SWI Engineering with or without a coil car.

To access the coils easily, these coil tilters can be lowered to the ground with small footprint. It is also easy to maintain the drive components of a coil tilter from SWI Engineering. SWI Engineering offers a coil tilter with remote operator console. One can also choose a coil tilter in a wide variety of colours to match with the existing coil handling equipment.

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