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Industrial linerless labels in a reel

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article image New linerless thermal printer.

STiKKi Products has introduced its latest innovation -- industrial linerless labels in a reel. Linerless adhesive paper is wound on itself with no need for a release liner (or backing sheet).

Linerless labels for industrial applications can be printed with a new linerless thermal printer - a revolutionary model in the industrial sector, printing high-speed labels up to 100mm wide even when text, graphics and label dimensions change between each label.

Key Features:

* STiKKi labels are cleanly removable - labelled components can be de-labelled cleanly and easily

* Thermal transfer printable

* Vary label dimensions as labels are automatically cut to size by the printer

* No need to change adhesive reels when printing multiple label sizes

* Avoid the restrictions of pre-diecut reels

* Vary label widths up to 100mm

* Labels print on demand

* Minimise waste - no backing sheet to rewind and each roll has twice the useable paper so roll changeovrs are minimisd

* Bar-coded information

* Printed labels can be stacked on each other if needed and readily separated at point of application

The complete package incorporates the linerless thermal printer complete with label cutter encased in a rigid steel chasis, with a 100mm print width. Wider widths are under development.

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