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Stulz Delivers on New Direction for Rack Cooling in Australian Data Centres

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STULZ Australia Pty Ltd  has designed an innovative rack cooling system for higher heat density server racks at data centres.  

Stulz is a global manufacturer of IT cooling solutions.  

Offering Australian data centre managers a unique and more logical approach to rack cooling, CyberRow air conditioning units feature variable speed electronically controlled fans, which blow cold air horizontally and parallel to the rack face ensuring uniform cool air distribution over the entire rack height.  

John Jakovcevic, Managing Director, Stulz Australia explains that CyberRow is an in-row air conditioning unit designed to distribute air horizontally along the row of racks rather than away from the racks to enable the air to perform a U-turn to the server rack inlet, facilitating efficient rack cooling.  

Individual CyberRow rack cooling systems are positioned between the racks so that they can dissipate extreme heat from the servers.  

As the cold air is transported in two directions via outlets on the side of the CyberRow, the cold air enters the server rack inlet without mixing with room air, leading to a more effective as well as efficient cooling approach.  

The CyberRow range of rack cooling units is available in four configurations including air cooled, condenser water, chilled water and free cooling up to 56kW in capacity.  

The CyberRow air cooled rack cooling system incorporates an inverter-driven brushless DC compressor providing up to 30 per cent energy savings compared to digital scroll compressors and other AC compressor technologies while the free cooling version provides up to 60 per cent savings in power consumption.  

Jakovcevic adds that the unique CyberRow design and the availability of DC compressors as well as free cooling versions are firsts in the high density market.  A survey conducted by Stulz in August found that 20 per cent of Australian data centre managers are investing in power and cooling management in order to meet their company’s sustainability objectives.  

Of the respondents, 32 per cent plan to invest in precision air conditioning and high density cooling solutions.

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