STOCKCAP adds new silicone tubing range to powder coat masking product offering
21.01.2015 - STOCKCAP has introduced a new range of silicone tubing to their powder coat masking product offering.
STOCKCAP unveils its new online store
20.06.2014 - The new STOCKCAP online store is now open for business.
Changing Face of the Cap and Plug Market
18.06.2014 - With a product range to match the market & the business flexibility to meet your needs, STOCKCAP specialise in manufacturing products to suit your needs.
STOCKCAP buy-on-line Store Open for Business
18.06.2014 - STOCKCAP's new buy-on-line website has been launched, where customers can easily purchase all STOCKCAP products with ease and efficiency.
New clear plastic packaging and mailing tubes available from Stockcap
04.11.2011 - These rugged and flexible plastic tubes are available in a range of standard sizes for immediate delivery and can also be custom made to order.
Silicone caps and tapered plugs for powder coating applications available from STOCKCAP
17.08.2011 - STOCKCAP are producers of silicone caps and tapered plugs specifically designed for powder coating and E-coating applications.
STOCKCAP offers Net Guard industrial strength netting for protecting parts during transit
23.06.2011 - Net Guard industrial strength netting, an alternative to paper and Styrofoam for protecting precision components during shipping, handling and storage
New black vinyl pipe caps from STOCKCAP
30.05.2011 - STOCKCAP announces the first 4 sizes in its new black vinyl pipe caps.
STOCKCAP offers Expanded Range of Heatshrink End Caps
28.03.2011 - STOCKCAP introduces a new range of heatshrink end caps in new sizes.
STOCKCAP Introduces New Heatshrink Cable Breakout Boots
24.03.2011 - STOCKCAP introduces a new range of heatshrink cable breakout boots to its ever-growing heatshrink product offering.
New extended tube insert range available from STOCKCAP
16.03.2011 - STOCKCAP is pleased to announce that it has added more sizes to its tube insert range.
New Hose Collars for Hydraulic Hose-Tails from STOCKCAP
15.12.2010 - STOCKCAP'S new range of hose collars are designed to suit hydraulic hose-tails in the push lock tail range.
High temperature vinyl square end caps now available from STOCKCAP
17.11.2010 - STOCKCAP manufactures vinyl square end caps that are engineered for use in high temperature painting and powder coating applications.
17.11.2010 - The EPDM Pull Plugs from STOCKCAP have been formulated to provide tight seals on both ends of threaded and non-threaded through holes.
STOCKCAP’s silicone washer plugs
30.10.2010 - STOCKCAP's silicone washer plugs, specifically for when a hole needs to be plugged and the surrounding surface area to be completely masked.
STOCKCAP’s high temperature resistant polyester tape
29.10.2010 - High temperature resistant polyester tape is a 1.5 millimetre silicone adhesive that is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 204 degrees Celsius.
STOCKCAP’s high temperature vinyl plus plugs
28.10.2010 - STOCKCAP’s high temperature vinyl plus plugs are designed to withstand temperatures up to 230°C, for use as tight seals during paint and plating processes.
Clear caps from STOCKCAP
27.10.2010 - STOCKCAP's clear caps are an ideal solution for sealing containers and applications requiring completely transparent packaging.
Single wall heat shrink tubing available from STOCKCAP
01.10.2010 - Heat shrink tubing is manufactured from thermoplastic materials and is most commonly used to insulate wires.
Vented caps available from STOCKCAP
30.09.2010 - STOCKCAP offer a range of vented caps are designed to relieve the vacuum that is created when a hot product cools down.
Silicone flangeless plugs available from STOCKCAP
29.09.2010 - Available from STOCKCAP, silicone flangeless plugs are specifically designed for finishing requirements such as powder coating and E-coating applications.
Vinyl long caps available from STOCKCAP
28.09.2010 - Available from STOCKCAP, long caps are manufactured from robust, flexible vinyl.
Stock Clamshells by Stockcap
12.08.2009 - Adding to its ever growing protective packaging portfolio, STOCKCAP has introduced 11 new sizes of stock clamshells.
STOCKCAP’s dip-moulded plastisol products reduce contamination of components and subsystems
04.06.2009 - STOCKCAP’s new dip-moulded plastisol products provide a solution to the problem of dirt, dust and contamination of high precision products.
Threaded caps and flange covers available from STOCKCAP
03.06.2009 - STOCKCAP pipe and flange protection caps and plugs are available for threaded and non-threaded applications.
Thin-wall heatshrink tubes available from STOCKCAP
27.01.2009 - The STOCKCAP range of heatshrink products now has a new range of Thin-wall (TW) heatshrink tubes.
STOCKCAP offer Low Voltage (LV) Medium-wall (MW) Heatshrink tubes
29.10.2008 - STOCKCAP have added a new range of Low Voltage (LV) Medium-wall (MW) Heatshrink tubes to their range of Heatshrink products.
Stockcap launches heatshrink end caps
30.07.2008 - Stockcap's new range of heatshrink end caps for sealing power and telecommunication cable ends.
STOCKCAP extends its tube insert range
24.03.2008 - STOCKCAP has added more sizes to its tube insert range.
Rectangular caps
14.07.2006 - A GLOBAL leader in product protection goods is offering a vast array of rectangular caps with various finishes, colours and sizes.
Short caps
14.07.2006 - The flexible short caps, available from StockCap, can be applied quickly and easily.
Square caps
14.07.2006 - A solution is now at hand for those wanting protection for their goods. Square caps, from Stockcap, are manufactured in 14 different sizes.
Square end caps
14.07.2006 - Applications requiring ease of removal have now become a whole lot easier. From StockCap, the square end caps have a unique end design.
Vinyl plus plugs
14.07.2006 - For those wanting sound protection for their goods, a solution is at hand. Stockcap vinyl plus plugs can be inserted and removed with ease.
Hanger caps
11.07.2006 - One of the world’s leaders in product protection good is offering a huge collection of hanger caps.
Grab tab caps
11.07.2006 - Stockcap, a global leader in product protection goods, is offering a large collection of ergonomically designed grab tab caps.
EPDM tapered plugs
07.07.2006 - STOCKCAP EPDM Tapered Plugs are ideal for most plating and anodizing applications.
Vinyl Flange Covers
07.07.2006 - Stockcap ASA, FC & SR Flange Covers are designed to protect critical flange faces, preventing interior damage and contamination.
Dip moulding
06.07.2006 - As pioneers in the field of dip-moulding, Stockcap is proud to have contributed so greatly to the evolution of this unique manufacturing process.
Heatshrink end cap range
08.02.2006 - STOCKCAP has released a new range of heatshrink end caps for sealing power and telecommunication cable ends and manufactured from cross-linked polyolefin.
2005 StockCap catalogue
27.09.2005 - STOCKCAP has released the 2005 update of its Protective Products catalogue. The catalogue features their full-line of caps, plugs, flange covers, and more.
EZ Tab Caps
15.08.2005 - STOCKCAP has released a new range of EZ Tab Caps. EZ Tabs have an extra long pull-tab for easy installation and removal.
New range of Plus-Plugs
15.08.2005 - STOCKCAP has launched a new range of Plus-Plugs. Plus-Plugs are made of flexible vinyl, incorporating a 360º pull-tab.
Custom dip-moulding
15.08.2005 - STOCKCAP has established a new custom plastic dip-moulding service, suitable for short or long production runs.
Cap and plug kits, and custom dip-moulding
31.03.2005 - STOCKCAP will feature several new release products including Cap & Plug Kits, Long Caps and a Custom Dip-moulding service.
New sizes of threaded plugs and caps
17.02.2005 - STOCKCAP has added new sizes to their range of BSP & JIC/UNF threaded plugs & caps. BSP stock sizes now start at 3.175mm, all the way through to 76.2mm.
Flexible vinyl rectangular caps
17.02.2005 - STOCKCAP rectangular caps are made from tough, flexible vinyl and can be supplied in a range of colours in lengths up to 150mm.
Snap-on, reusable flange covers
16.07.2003 - STOCKCAP has released a new range of flange covers designed to protect the critical faces and edges of flanges, threads, flared or beaded tubes and ducts.
Threaded plug and cap range extended
16.07.2003 - STOCKCAP has added new sizes to its range of BSP and JIC/UNF threaded plugs and caps. BSP stock sizes now start at 1/8" and include sizes up to 3".
Protective pull-ring plugs
16.07.2003 - STOCKCAP has released a new range of pull-ring plugs, designed to protect fittings and pipe ends from dirt and contamination during shipping and storage.
New range of side-pull plugs
16.07.2003 - STOCKCAP has released a new range of side-pull plugs that are designed to protect tubes, threads, fittings and flanges during shipping and storage.
End caps offer low cost protection
10.12.2002 - STOCKCAP end caps are a low cost method to protect tubing, fittings, pipe-ends, shafts and rods from moisture & contamination during shipping and storage.
Rectangular end caps
10.12.2002 - STOCKCAP rectangular caps are made from tough flexible vinyl and can be supplied in a range of colours in lengths up to 150mm.
Tapered plug range extended
10.12.2002 - STOCKCAP has extended its tapered plug range to 75 sizes for diameters 3mm up to 115mm, ideal for use in shipping, storage and dust protection.
Extended range of tube inserts
10.12.2002 - STOCKCAP has added more sizes to its tube insert range, including round and square sizes from 13mm to 50mm, and rectangular sizes up to 100 x 50mm.
Tear caps maintain parts’ integrity
10.12.2002 - NEW from StockCap, tear caps are suitable for ‘one-off’ shipping, storage and dust protection of pipe threads and fittings.
Masking products catalogue released
13.08.2002 - STOCKCAP's new Masking Products Catalogue features a full line of high temperature resistant caps, plugs, tubing, discs and tapes.
A catalogue of protective products
30.07.2002 - STOCKCAP has released its new Protective Products Catalogue featuring its full-line of caps, plugs, flange covers and protective closures.
Extra long EZ pull tabs
24.07.2002 - STOCKCAP's new EZ Tab Caps are designed for easy installation and removal, especially in those hard to get to places thanks to an extra long pull-tab.
Caps provide hanging convenience
24.07.2002 - STOCKCAP's new hanger caps add ‘hang/sell’ or ‘hang/store’ convenience to hundreds of products. Manufactured from soft PVC in three styles.
Dip-moulded antenna insulation
08.05.2002 - Stockcap now has the capability to mould plastic insulation directly onto the antenna assembly.
General purpose tapered plug kit
07.05.2002 - STOCKCAP has released a tapered plug kit. The kit is ideal for quick sizing and identification, as well as small jobs around the factory.
Hydraulic/pneumatic threaded plugs and caps
07.05.2002 - STOCKCAP has added a new range of threaded plugs and caps, specifically designed for sealing and protecting hydraulic and pneumatic fittings.
Tube and pipe end caps
07.05.2002 - STOCKCAP's new C Series range of end caps are designed to protect fittings and pipe ends from dirt, moisture and contamination during shipping and storage.
Protective packaging material
13.03.2002 - STOCKCAP's Flex-Guard range of protective netting is available in three styles, offering a different thickness and net design to provide protection.
New release of protective netting
17.01.2002 - STOCKCAP's Flex-Guard IV protective netting is ideal for use when packaging, shipping, handling or storing irregularly shaped parts or assemblies.
Cylinder packaging protection
17.01.2002 - The STOCKCAP CylinderNET range is designed to protect pressure and liquid gas cylinders against abrasion during shipping, storage and handling.
Heavy duty protective netting
17.01.2002 - STOCKCAP Flex-Guard FlatNET protective netting is ideal for heavy industrial applications, wrapping parts or lining workbenches and assembly surfaces.
Custom plastic dip-moulding
31.10.2001 - STOCKCAP has established a new custom plastic dip-moulding service, suitable for short or long production runs.
How long do you need it?
31.10.2001 - STOCKCAP offers Vinyl Caps in lengths up to 150mm, in diameters from 4mm up to 90mm in a variety of colours, textures and materials.
Cap and plug range extended
31.10.2001 - STOCKCAP has added soft and rigid vinyl materials to its cap and plug range.
Paint and powdercoat masking range
26.04.2001 - StockCap has the complete masking product range, whether the need is for high temperature silicone caps and plugs, tapes or discs.
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