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As pioneers in the field of dip-moulding, Stockcap is proud to have contributed so greatly to the evolution of this unique manufacturing process. Originally used in the art of candle making, dip-moulding has grown into a high-tech manufacturing method that competes head to head with other plastic and rubber moulding processes.

In its basic form, dip-moulding involves the heating of a metal mould with the internal dimensions of the desired part. These heated moulds are then immersed or "dipped" in a tank of liquid vinyl plastisol. The heat from the mould attracts the cool plastisol and the part is formed. The moulds are extracted from the liquid and heat cured. After the parts are cured, they are cooled, stripped from the moulds, and packed for shipment or secondary operation.

Benefits of Dip-Moulded Caps and Plugs:

  • Caps of varying lengths can be made with no tooling charge.
  • Vinyl material stretches to fit odd shapes and easily conforms to beaded or flared tubes.
  • Vinyl material does not crack or split.
  • Vinyl material does not shred when capping or plugging threaded items.
  • Benefits of Custom Dip Moulding:
  • Low tooling costs...typically a fraction of injection moulding
  • Quick and inexpensive prototypes
  • Short lead-times on custom tooling...weeks versus months
  • Innovative materials and textures
  • More vibrant colours can be achieved with vinyl
  • No internal stress moulded into parts
  • Large parts can be made without significant tooling investment.

Multi-Dipping capabilities allow us to design products with two colours or materials on one part - typically used for making products with durable inside liners and more consumer friendly exteriors.

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