STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd News

ST’s smart technologies on display at Electronica 2016
07.11.2016 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd will showcase their smart technologies for manufacturing, driving and devices at Electronica 2016.
ST launches two 40V automotive MOSFETs with excellent noise performance
27.10.2016 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces the release of two new 40V automotive MOSFETs with superior noise performance and efficiency.
ST’s new sub-1mm² TS985 comparator curbs analogue appetite for board space
13.10.2016 - STMicroelectronics has introduced a new rail-to-rail comparator featuring a tiny footprint of less than 1mm² for use in space-constrained applications.
Collaboration to develop ICs for resonant wireless power transfer
09.10.2016 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd is partnering with WiTricity to develop semiconductor solutions for magnetic resonance-based wireless power transfer.
STMicroelectronics Extends Automotive ECU Miniaturisation
04.10.2016 - STMicroelectronics has introduced AEC-Q100 Grade-0 op amps and comparators in the space-saving MiniSO8 package.
STMicroelectronics showcasing Smart Tech at electronica India 2016
21.09.2016 - STMicroelectronics is currently showcasing their latest ‘Smart’ technologies at the electronica India exhibition in Bangalore, India.
STMicroelectronics’ higher efficiency power management selected for solid state drives
23.07.2015 - STMicroelectronics announces that its 5-channel power management IC (L7292) has been selected by Kingston Technology Company, Inc.
New joint research laboratory launched to develop next generations of high-reliability, ultra-miniaturised electronic components
19.07.2015 - STMicroelectronics and the French Institute of Materials, Microelectronics and Nanosciences in Provence are establishing a new joint research laboratory.
STMicroelectronics shows how to transform products to suit dynamic mobile and IoT markets in China
14.07.2015 - STMicroelectronics is exhibiting its latest technologies for mobile, wearable and IoT applications at the 2015 Mobile World Congress Shanghai.
STMicroelectronics introduces first automotive CAN ESD protection devices compliant with all key interface protocols
08.07.2015 - STMicroelectronics has introduced two new devices that offer the superior protection of CAN bus lines against electrostatic discharges and other transients
Canal+ Group unveils new hybrid OTT/HD broadcast set top box
03.07.2015 - STMicroelectronics and Wyplay contributed to the development of Canal+ Group’s new Cube S set top box launched recently in Paris.
STMicroelectronics and ARM cultivate future engineering talent
26.05.2015 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd is partnering with ARM on a new innovation lab initiative to promote the ARM mbed and STM32 technologies in China.
Easy-to-configure controllers from STMicroelectronics simplify digital power conversion
22.05.2015 - STMicroelectronics announces the release of a new range of digital controllers that help designers maximise the advantages of digital power conversion.
STMicroelectronics releases new free software tool with accurate dynamic simulation for VIPower devices
24.03.2015 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces the launch of TwisterSIM, an innovative new free software suite.
STMicroelectronics releases compact offline controller for LED lighting
18.03.2015 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has launched a new compact AC-DC offline controller delivering best-in-class power factor, efficiency for LED lighting.
STMicroelectronics unveils new automotive serial EEPROMs in tiny 2x3mm package
17.03.2015 - The automotive-qualified serial EEPROMs from STMicroelectronics provide the industry’s largest selection of densities in a tiny 2mm x 3mm WFDFPN8 package.
STMicroelectronics Executive Vice-President Benedetto Vigna awarded IEEE Frederik Philips Award
16.03.2015 - STMicroelectronics announces that Benedetto Vigna, Executive Vice President Analog, MEMS, and Sensors Group, has been awarded the Frederik Philips Award.
STMicroelectronics streamlines design of smallest single-chip dual-channel filter for IoT devices
16.03.2015 - The new DLPF-GP-01D3 integrated dual differential filter from STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd features a space-saving design.
ams and STMicroelectronics launch breakthrough solution for secure NFC mobile payments and transactions
12.03.2015 - STMicroelectronics has partnered with ams AG to launch a new NFC system reference design for secure transactions on mobile and wearable devices.
Bluetooth Smart – A revolution for low power connectivity
10.03.2015 - Bluetooth Smart is a wireless personal area network that enables low power devices and sensors to connect to smartphones and tablets.
STMicroelectronics introduces digital UV sensor for mobile, wearable and IoT applications
06.03.2015 - STMicroelectronics has introduced a new UV sensor to its portfolio of environmental sensors.
STMicroelectronics introduces world’s first customisable wireless battery charger controller
05.03.2015 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has introduced a new digital controller for wireless battery charger (WBC) transmitters.
STMicroelectronics reveals world's first plug-in charger platform with zero no-load power consumption
04.03.2015 - STMicroelectronics has partnered with Flextronics to jointly develop a plug-in charging platform based on an ST multi-mode power management controller.
NFC tags from STMicroelectronics create safe and convenient links to the Internet of Things
27.02.2015 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd introduces the SRTAG NFC/RFID tags combining market-leading memory range, best-in-class data retention and write-erase cycles.
STMicroelectronics and YOGITECH release safety design package for STM32 microcontrollers
13.02.2015 - STMicroelectronics has collaborated with a leading provider of functional safety solutions, YOGITECH to develop a flexible software-design support package.
STMicroelectronics leads European research project to develop next-generation optical MEMS
13.02.2015 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd builds on the continuing success of the Lab4MEMS project with the Lab4MEMS II extension.
New STMCube flexible fast-start software platform supporting all STM32 microcontrollers in volume production
09.02.2015 - STMicroelectronics announces that its STMCube software development platform has been rolled out to all STM32 microcontrollers currently in production.
STMicroelectronics extends silicon-carbide MOSFET family to benefit energy-conscious applications
06.02.2015 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd introduces the new SCT20N120 silicon-carbide power MOSFETs to bring advanced efficiency and reliability.
New MCUs raise the bar in system integration
03.02.2015 - STMicroelectronics has introduced new devices in its extended STM32F3 microcontroller series.
Semiconductor company wins ‘Outstanding Delivery Performance’ Award from Vodafone
30.01.2015 - World-leading semiconductors specialist STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has been recognised by Vodafone for ‘Outstanding Delivery Performance’.
STMicroelectronics boosts new microcontroller series with USB and larger Flash options
28.01.2015 - STMicroelectronics has added USB connectivity and larger Flash options to its STM32F0 Value Line ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller series.
STMicroelectronics makes smart power technology available for prototyping through CMP
27.01.2015 - STMicroelectronics and CMP have made ST’s BCD8sP technology platform for smart-power ICs available for prototyping to universities and research labs.
STMicroelectronics releases new HDMI protection devices for better Ultra-HD viewing
22.01.2015 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces the release of its latest single-chip HDMI signal conditioning and protection ICs.
Executive Viewpoint: New applications driving growth for 2015 and beyond
20.01.2015 - Francois Guibert, Executive VP and President, STMicroelectronics examines the technologies and applications that will drive growth in 2015
Electronics used to save bees from hive collapse
15.01.2015 - A serious condition involving the disappearance of worker bees from a hive, CCD is attributed to multiple sources, including parasites and pesticides.
STMicroelectronics begins shipping next-generation Ultra-HDp60 STB chips
13.01.2015 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has begun delivering its latest Ultra-HDp60 quad-core system-on-chip ICs from the Cannes/Monaco family.
STMicroelectronics releases new super-slim rectifiers
18.12.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has introduced new super-slim rectifiers featuring a low profile and lightweight design.
Microchip and optical reader from STMicroelectronics part of early Ebola detection solution
18.12.2014 - The portable analyser is being further developed to optimise the point-of-care Ebola detection solution for large-scale deployment.
New devices in small memory sizes widening access to high-performance STM32 microcontroller line
15.12.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd introduces its latest line of microcontrollers offering new choices by combining enhanced ARM Cortex-M4 processing performance.
ST chips capture the beat in the market’s smallest wearable heart monitor from PulseOn
12.12.2014 - STMicroelectronics has supplied tiny motion-sensing and data-processing chips for the market’s smallest and most accurate wearable heart rate monitor.
New 650V Super-Junction MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics boost efficiency and safety margin
02.12.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces its latest range of super-junction power MOSFETs to address the global need for more efficient power supplies.
STMicroelectronics introduces gapDRIVE with on-chip galvanic isolation
28.11.2014 - STMicroelectronics launches the STGAP1S, an advanced single-channel gate driver integrating galvanic isolation with analogue and logic circuitry.
STMicroelectronics’ new microcontrollers boost integration for better user experience
25.11.2014 - Global semiconductors supplier STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd introduces its latest range of microcontrollers.
New SiC diodes helping designers build smaller power modules for automotive applications
21.11.2014 - STMicroelectronics has introduced a new range of automotive-qualified silicon carbide diodes for advanced on-board battery chargers in electric vehicles.
STMicroelectronics slashes time-to-development with Open.MEMS licensing
13.11.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has announced its Open.MEMS program to boost time-to-development with quick and easy single-node evaluation licensing.
STMicroelectronics launches new automotive audio processors to speed up time-to-market
12.11.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces the launch of a new generation of processors for car radio and display audio applications.
STMicroelectronics and Comau partner for innovative solutions for robotics
11.11.2014 - STMicroelectronics is collaborating with Comau to develop new generations of robots enabled by a variety of ST’s control and sensing products.
STMicroelectronics bridges the gap between bulk and surface micromachining for critical sensors
07.11.2014 - STMicroelectronics has started production of MEMS sensors using its newly qualified, proprietary THELMA60 surface micromachining fabrication process.
ST’s new RF transistors leverage high-voltage technology for smaller, more reliable class-E power supplies
06.11.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has introduced a new line of RF power transistors.
STMicroelectronics introduces world's smallest integrated 6-axis inertial measurement unit
05.11.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces the launch of the industry’s smallest 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) suitable for automotive applications.
STM32 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics powers intuitive August Smart Lock system
04.11.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd is powering the new and innovative August Smart Lock home access control system.
Performance for innovation: inside the STM32 F7 microcontroller
20.10.2014 - Electronics News looks at the innovation behind the new STM32 F7 MCU offering from STMicroelectronics, and how it can help designers.
ST’s new rad-hard voltage references deliver stable reliable performance in all conditions
17.10.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces the addition of two new shunt voltage references to its portfolio of rad-hard products for aerospace applications.
ST’s new proximity sensors bring superior distance sensing to consumer and industrial applications
13.10.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces the launch of a new range of proximity sensors that offers designers superior distance measurement capability.
Mobiles hear better in loud environments with advanced MEMS microphone
03.10.2014 - An advanced MEMS microphone from STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd is helping mobiles hear better in loud environments.
STMicroelectronics tops five billion MEMS sensors shipped
01.10.2014 - Global semiconductor leader STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has announced that it has shipped five billion MEMS sensors.
STMicroelectronics unveils the industry’s most flexible and highest-performance integrated wideband RF synthesiser
30.09.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd combines the demand for higher performance and integration in a new solution.
Tiny balun-on-a-chip from STMicroelectronics simplifies Bluetooth Smart design
29.09.2014 - The new integrated balun from STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd, the BALF-NRG-01D3 is enabling designers building Bluetooth Smart devices to accelerate projects.
STMicroelectronics unveils thin-film piezoelectric MEMS technology to drive growth in customisation
26.09.2014 - Global semiconductor leader STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd is commercialising its piezoelectric MEMS technology.
CaddieON improves your golf game with technologies from STMicroelectronics
22.09.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd are driving key features of a new wearable technology device used by golfers around the world to improve their game.
STMicroelectronics offers reference implementation of Frog by Wyplay for all ARM set-top-box SoCs
18.09.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has announced the availability of Bull Frog middleware, the Frog by Wyplay set-top-box middleware version 2.0.
STMicroelectronics paves the way for large-scale deployment of Ultra-HD 4Kp60 with extension of Cannes/Monaco SoC families
17.09.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has introduced four new low-power SoCs that pave the way for large-scale deployment of new UHDp60-enabled ‘4K’ set-top boxes.
STMicroelectronics outlines always-on 6-axis ultra-performance accelerometer/gyroscope combo that drops the power/space bar
11.09.2014 - STMicroelectronics introduces the first iNEMO Ultra product, an always-on, high-performance 6-axis combination accelerometer and gyroscope.
ST sheds light on the next wave of MEMS applications at SEMICON Taiwan
05.09.2014 - Benedetto Vigna of STMicroelectronics Analogue, MEMS and Sensors Group delivered the keynote speech at the SEMICON Taiwan 2014 MEMS Forum.
Fastway chooses STMicroelectronics to deliver HD interactive cable services to its customers
01.09.2014 - Fastway an Indian cable service provider has selected STiH273 HD cable chipsets from STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd for their HD interactive USB DVR platform.
Internet of Cars within the Internet of Everything
18.08.2014 - Internet of Everything envisions an optimised confluence of People, Things, Data and Processes, all intelligently connected to and part of the Internet.
Unique MEMS-based tracking tag from Bluechiip and STMicroelectronics steps up to high-volume production
12.08.2014 - STMicroelectronics and Bluechiip Limited announce the high-volume production of their jointly developed, unique MEMS-based tracking tags.
Leading Indian cable operator picks ST’s cable chipsets to broaden market access and grow subscriber base
31.07.2014 - GTPL Networks has selected STi5197 SD and STiH273 HD cable chipsets from STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd to deliver an even better user experience.
STMicroelectronics opens MEMS Microphone Lab in Taiwan to enhance excellence in audio performance
29.07.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces the opening of a new MEMS Microphone Lab (Anechoic Chamber) in Taiwan to test high-performance audio applications.
STMicroelectronics to boost technology innovation in rural India
22.07.2014 - STMicroelectronics is partnering with India’s National Innovation Foundation to support technological innovation at the grassroots level.
STMicroelectronics extends its range of radiation hardened devices
01.07.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has added a series of LVDS drivers, receivers and multiplexers carrying the US 300krad QML-V qualification to its portfolio.
STMicroelectronics unlocks extra power savings in smartphones and more with latest STM32 Dynamic Efficiency microcontrollers
30.06.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd introduces a new range of microcontrollers designed to improve the power-saving performance of smartphones and tablets.
World’s first high-dynamic-range audio processor from STMicroelectronics delivers whispers and screams with amazing clarity
27.06.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has introduced the world’s first audio processor to incorporate the innovative HDR audio signal acquisition technology.
STMicroelectronics boosts design for a cleaner cloud with STM32 digital power microcontrollers
26.06.2014 - A new range of microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd can help the cloud become significantly more energy-efficient.
Easy-to-use STM32 tools from STMicroelectronics add support for mixed-signal and entry-level microcontrollers
25.06.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has introduced new STM32 microcontroller design tools that bring the efficiency of the STM32Cube software platform.
Long-life paper-thin batteries from STMicroelectronics to power tomorrow’s Tiny Tech
24.06.2014 - Limited production has begun of a new range of paper-thin rechargeable batteries from STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd.
SenseAnywhere achieves advanced single chip integration in new wireless modules
19.06.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announced that SenseAnywhere has qualified the world’s first wireless devices incorporating ST’s new single-chip balun.
STMicroelectronics’ vision for the Internet of Things
17.06.2014 - Francois Guibert of STMicroelectronics observed that the Internet of Things (IoT) is widely accepted as the next ‘Big Thing’.
1.8V microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics bridge mobile platform subsystems
17.06.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd introduces a new range of 1.8V microcontrollers designed as specific low-voltage devices.
N3574I advanced 1200V IGBTs from STMicroelectronics last longer, save more energy
16.06.2014 - STMicroelectronics’ latest 1200V IGBTs find application in solar inverters, welders, uninterruptible power supplies, and PFC converters.
ST’s patented diode technology makes battery chargers faster and smaller
12.06.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has introduced a new family of Field-Effect Rectifier Diodes (FERD).
Airoha to use ST NFC component in audio module design
11.06.2014 - STMICROELECTRONICS says Airoha Technology has selected its dynamic NFC tag memory component for its latest Bluetooth audio-module reference design.
How Internet of Things and connected smart systems are transforming our lives
10.06.2014 - Electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives.
Delivering on ultra-low power targets
31.05.2014 - WITH growing focus on the "Internet of Things", how has one microcontroller innovator evolved to enable these capabilities?
STMicroelectronics ships one billionth STM8 microcontroller
26.05.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd announces the shipment of its one billionth STM8 8-bit microcontroller.
STMicroelectronics releases new development environment for high performance LED lighting
23.05.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd introduces the STLUX development environment that provides everything needed to start designing high-performance LED lights.
Samsung and STMicroelectronics sign strategic agreement to expand 28nm FD-SOI technology
20.05.2014 - STMicroelectronics has signed a comprehensive agreement with Samsung Electronics on 28nm Fully Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator (FD-SOI) technology.
STMicroelectronics appoints Jean-Marc Chery as Chief Operating Officer
01.05.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has appointed Jean-Marc Chery as Chief Operating Officer.
New sub-dollar floating-point digital signal controllers now ready to order
28.04.2014 - STMicroelectronics announces the availability of its new STM32F301/302/303 microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M4 core with Floating Point Unit.
New reference design by MaxLinear and STMicroelectronics speeds up multi-channel ultra HD STBs and gateways
24.04.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd and MaxLinear Inc. introduce a reference design aimed at accelerating the adoption of next-generation Ultra HD set top boxes.
STMicroelectronics extends STM32Cube platform to support STM32 F2 microcontrollers
14.04.2014 - STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd has extended its STM32Cube development platform by releasing a further set of middleware.
STMicroelectronics releases high speed insulated-gate bipolar transistors with lower energy losses
01.04.2014 - ST Microelectronics introduces the new HB series of Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) featuring lower turn-off energy losses.
STMicroelectronics reveals climate-saving power devices with high-temperature performance edge
19.03.2014 - ST Microelectronics introduces a new range of power devices designed to enable power supply designers drive up energy efficiency.
ST Microelectronics develops microcontrollers with more memory and lower power
07.03.2014 - ST Microelectronics has extended its STM32 L1 series of ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit microcontrollers with new 512KB flash devices.
Leti and ST Microelectronics demonstrate Order-of-Magnitude-Faster FD-SOI ultra-wide-voltage range DSP
19.02.2014 - CEA-Leti and ST Microelectronics successfully demonstrated an ultra-wide-voltage range (UWVR) digital signal processor (DSP).
STMicroelectronics’ microcontroller powers artificial-intelligence cars from Anki Drive
28.11.2013 - ST Microelectronics announces that its STM32 microcontroller has been selected by Anki, a start-up for use in their first product, the Anki Drive.
STMicroelectronics launches world's first galvanic isolation high side switch
27.11.2013 - Global semiconductors leader ST Microelectronics introduces the new ISO8200B, an innovative isolated power switch.
New microcontrollers ensure digital security in next-generation mobile applications
19.11.2013 - ST Microelectronics introduces the latest generation of its successful ST33 secure microcontroller line.
Industry’s first smart-meter System-on-Chip metering system launched
18.10.2013 - ST Microelectronics announces the industry’s first complete smart-meter System-on-Chip (SoC) that combines precision metering with flexible, programmable processing and PLC subsystems along with advanced security in a single device.
Chip manufacturing technology from STMicroelectronics receives Innovation Management Award from BearingPoint and L’Expansion
04.10.2013 - ST Microelectronics has won the prestigious BearingPoint Innovation Management Award for its FD-SOI technology in the ‘Innovation Ecosystem’ category.
Semiconductor manufacturer's sites achieve ISO 50001 energy management certification
03.10.2013 - Global semiconductors specialist ST Microelectronics has announced that all six of its front-end manufacturing sites have achieved certification to the latest, most stringent ISO 50001 energy management standard.
T3467D MEMS accelerometer from ST Microelectronics is part of newly launched Brain Sentry Impact Sensor
26.09.2013 - Global semiconductors specialist ST Microelectronics has announced that the newly-launched Brain Sentry Impact Sensor uses ST’s MEMS accelerometer to collect data from collisions on the sports field.
ST Microelectronics and X2 Biosystems celebrate shipment of 5,000th concussion sensor system
12.09.2013 - Advanced technology from global semiconductor leader ST Microelectronics is playing a key role in the innovative electronic head-impact monitoring patches developed by X2 Biosystems to keep athletes safe.
MEMS and Sensors Summit brings industry leaders together to share opportunities to shape the future of electronics
08.09.2013 - Global semiconductors leader ST Microelectronics is hosting a one-day interactive summit in Santa Clara, California to discuss the ‘Future of MEMS and Sensors’.
ST Microelectronics reveals top-performing MEMS accelerometer for richer user experiences
04.09.2013 - ST Microelectronics introduces a new high performance 3-axis MEMS accelerometer designed to enhance gaming, user interface and augmented reality experiences.
STMicroelectronics drives IoT growth with MEMS and wireless
03.09.2013 - The three key areas in MEMS helping to drive the Internet of Things are motion, acoustic and environmental sensors.
Ericsson and ST Microelectronics complete transaction to split up ST-Ericsson
07.08.2013 - Ericsson and ST Microelectronics announce the closing of the transaction to split up the joint venture, ST-Ericsson.
ST Microelectronics publishes its 2012 Sustainability Report
26.07.2013 - Global semiconductors leader ST Microelectronics has announced the publication of its 2012 Sustainability Report.
ST Microelectronics reveals latest power technology for greener industry and infrastructure
18.06.2013 - ST Microelectronics has introduced its latest generation of energy-efficient power devices that reduce the environmental impact of equipment.
European project drives the future of power microelectronics
17.06.2013 - The LAST POWER program sponsored by the European Union to develop a cost-effective and reliable technology for power electronics has announced its three-year program achieveme
Undergraduates create innovative applications with iNEMO MEMS sensors
21.05.2013 - ST Microelectronics has announced the winners of the Singapore Area University iNEMO Design Contest 2013.
ST Microelectronics increases accessibility of MEMS Motion portfolio by simplifying connection to Linux systems
07.05.2013 - ST Microelectronics has simplified the use of MEMS in a wider range of applications by releasing ready-to-use software drivers for communication with Linux systems.
ST Microelectronics adds new class-leading microcontroller to STM32F4 family
06.05.2013 - World-leading semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has introduced the new STM32F401 to its high-performance STM32F4 family.
New miniature TVS diodes from ST Microelectronics make more room for mobile functionality
12.04.2013 - ST Microelectronics has introduced one of the smallest TVS diodes in the world for protecting sensitive electronics in consumer products and handhelds.
ST Microelectronics heads European research to secure lead in advanced MEMS devices
09.04.2013 - ST Microelectronics has begun development of a pilot line for next-generation MEMS devices augmented with advanced technologies such as piezoelectric or magnetic materials and 3D packaging.
ST Microelectronics embraces new RF front-end standard for STHVDAC-304MF3 antenna-tuning circuit
08.04.2013 - The STHVDAC-304MF3 antenna-tuning circuit from ST Microelectronics now offers support for the MIPI Alliance RF Front End (RFFE), an emerging industry standard that simplifies cellular radio design.
ST Microelectronics makes leading-edge MEMS technology available for prototyping through CMP
25.03.2013 - ST Microelectronics and CMP announce that ST’s THELMA MEMS manufacturing process is now available for prototyping to universities, research labs and design companies.
ST Microelectronics’ products, technology, and executive recognised as finalists in EE Times and EDN ACE Awards
22.03.2013 - Global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics earned six selections as finalist from the 2013 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards presented by EE Times and EDN.
New superjunction MOSFETs from ST Microelectronics can reduce GHG generation
18.03.2013 - ST Microelectronics announces special fast-acting variants of its advanced superjunction power MOSFET used in energy-efficient consumer products, computing and telecom systems, lighting controllers and solar energy equipment.
ST and Thingsquare team up to advance easy-to-use Internet of Things
14.03.2013 - ST Microelectronics has teamed up with Thingsquare to bring Thingsquare Mist Internet-connectivity software to ST’s SPIRIT1 radio transceiver on the STM32L microcontroller platform.
ST Microelectronics makes analogue 130nm H9A CMOS process available through CMP
13.03.2013 - The 130nm H9A CMOS process is now available for prototyping to universities, research labs and design companies through the silicon brokerage services provided by CMP.
ARM and ST Microelectronics join with MathWorks to enable code generation, debug and modelling for STM32 microcontrollers
04.03.2013 - Global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics and ARM announce the availability of Embedded Coder support with MATLAB and Simulink for ARM Cortex-M processor-based sys
ST Microelectronics launches single-chip magnetometer, extending sensor portfolio for mobile and consumer applications
27.02.2013 - ST Microelectronics introduces a new range of high-performance magnetometers to its MEMS sensor portfolio.
New battery ‘fuel gauge’ IC from ST Microelectronics gives reliable runtimes for mobile users
26.02.2013 - Leading manufacturer of semiconductors and standard ICs, ST Microelectronics introduces a new battery fuel-gauging device designed for use in high-volume handheld electronics.
ST Microelectronics’ 28nm FD-SOI technology platform hits 3GHz operating speed
25.02.2013 - Leading global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has achieved yet another major milestone in the testing of its 28nm FD-SOI technology platform.
Netatmo Weather Station forecasts clear skies using ST Microelectronics components
21.02.2013 - Global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has supplied several components to the award-winning Netatmo Urban Weather Station.
ST Microelectronics and Hyundai Autron to jointly develop integrated products for next-generation vehicles
20.02.2013 - ST Microelectronics has entered into an agreement with Hyundai Autron to collaborate on developing world-class electronic control systems for automotive applications.
New ST smart motion sensor combines ultra-compact 3-axis accelerometer with embedded microcontroller
29.01.2013 - ST Microelectronics introduces a new miniature smart sensor that combines a 3-axis accelerometer with an embedded microcontroller in an ultra-compact 3x3x1mm LGA package.
Set-top box chips from ST Microelectronics get content protection certification from Conax
22.01.2013 - ST Microelectronics announces that its Liege family of cost-effective STB solutions has received security certification from Conax.
ST Microelectronics introduces next-generation high-side switches
18.01.2013 - ST Microelectronics has introduced an advanced range of intelligent high-side switches for smaller, smarter automotive electronics.
ST Microelectronics receives IEEE Standards Association Corporate Award for 2012
19.12.2012 - ST Microelectronics has been awarded the prestigious 2012 Corporate Award from the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA).
ST’s ultra low power devices enhance portable technology for healthcare, safety, security
18.12.2012 - ST Microelectronics has leveraged its advanced capabilities to create a new generation of comparators designed to enable improved energy efficiency and faster operation of equipment.
ST Microelectronics announces new strategic plan
12.12.2012 - ST Microelectronics has announced its new strategic plan based on an elaborate strategic review started more than a year ago in response to the major changes seen in the dynamics of the wireless market.
Sensors from ST Microelectronics and PNI Sensor selected for Nintendo’s Wii U
29.11.2012 - Sensors from the world-leading MEMS manufacturer, ST Microelectronics and US-based geomagnetic-sensor manufacturer, PNI Sensor Corporation have been selected by Nintendo for an advanced sensor solution for their newly launched Wii U.
ST Microelectronics introduces new high-performance ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers
23.11.2012 - ST Microelectronics extends its performance lead in semiconductors for smarter embedded electronics with the introduction of ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers.
ST Microelectronics develops high-stability real-time clock chip for smart utility meters and precision applications
20.11.2012 - ST Microelectronics has developed a temperature-compensated real-time clock chip for utility meters and other equipment including medical devices and industrial systems that require stable, precision timing.
ST Microelectronics boosts 4G connections and battery life with advanced tunable chips
12.11.2012 - ST Microelectronics has introduced a new range of highly miniaturised adaptive devices that dynamically optimises handset antenna performance to help avoid dropped calls and increase battery life.
ST Microelectronics introduces new generation of high-performance dual-interface chip-card microcontrollers
01.11.2012 - ST Microelectronics introduces the next generation of secure dual-interface chip-card microcontrollers combining advanced computing power with high contactless performance.
ST Microelectronics celebrates its contribution to a new global digital security standard
31.10.2012 - ST Microelectronics congratulates three cryptography experts from its Secure Microcontroller Division and Advanced System Technology Group for winning an international competition to develop a new global industry standard for digital security.
OMRON and ST Microelectronics unveil industry-unique sensor for smart gas metering
09.10.2012 - Global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics introduces a unique range of MEMS-based gas flow sensors from OMRON designed for smart gas metering applications.
New ST generation of ICs delivers greater performance and accuracy
04.10.2012 - ST Microelectronics introduces a new generation of sensor electronics developed using advanced process technology to deliver new levels of accuracy, energy efficiency, space savings and rugged performance.
24V power amplifier from ST Microelectronics brings state-of-the-art audio to truck cabs and buses
28.09.2012 - ST Microelectronics has introduced one of the most powerful and user-friendly audio power amplifiers for commercial vehicles.
ST introduces new MOSFET family of power products to suit emerging eco-design standards and green energy opportunities
12.09.2012 - ST Microelectronics introduces a new family of rugged, high-efficiency power products that enables technology companies to satisfy stricter power and efficiency targets.
ST Microelectronics introduces new pressure sensor for precision 3D location sensing by mobile devices
11.09.2012 - ST Microelectronics has introduced a new range of pressure sensors that allows mobile phones and other portable devices to calculate their vertical elevation.
ST’s new cool bypass devices unlock extra solar energy and cost savings
07.09.2012 - Leading global semiconductors manufacturer, ST Microelectronics introduces its latest-generation high-efficiency cool bypass switches for solar power applications.
ST and MicroOLED move to revolutionise high-resolution micro-displays for consumer applications
06.09.2012 - ST Microelectronics has entered into a strategic agreement with MicroOLED, a Grenoble, France-based company.
ST Microelectronics continues to drive MEMS market and application development with innovative technology
05.09.2012 - Benedetto Vigna, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group at ST Microelectronics will deliver a keynote speech at the SEMICON Taiwan 2012 MEMS Forum.
ST Microelectronics and FAW Group establish joint laboratory to drive innovation in automotive electronics
31.08.2012 - ST Microelectronics is partnering with China FAW Group Corporation (FAW) to establish a joint laboratory at the FAW Group Research and Development Center.
ST Microelectronics extends MEMS sensor portfolio with tiny 3-axis gyroscope
17.08.2012 - Global semiconductors leader, STMicroelectronics has unveiled its smallest, lowest-power and highest-performance chip-scale gyroscope for advanced motion sensing applications.
ST Microelectronics completes IP and talent acquisition from bTendo
10.08.2012 - ST Microelectronics has acquired the intellectual property and hired most of the staff of the Israeli start-up bTendo.
ST Microelectronics showcases latest solutions for energy-saving smart homes at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2012
11.07.2012 - World-leading semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics is demonstrating its latest solutions for smart homes at TECHNO-FRONTIER in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.
ST Microelectronics and Harbin Institute of Technology establish joint laboratory for innovation in electronics
10.07.2012 - ST Microelectronics has partnered with Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) of China to set up a new laboratory to encourage innovation in electronics.
ST Microelectronics introduces Mystique high-speed active-protocol bi-directional converters
19.06.2012 - ST Microelectronics has introduced the Mystique family of high-speed active-protocol bi-directional converters for managing audio and video signals between DisplayPort and HDMI formats.
NFC solutions from ST Microelectronics enable Wasion Group’s power meters
18.06.2012 - ST Microelectronics and Wasion Group have announced the availability of NFC-enabled post-pay power meters for deployment in the municipal grid of ChongQing, China.
‘Invisible’ bike helmets from Hövding rely on ST’s motion sensors and microcontrollers
01.06.2012 - A unique bicycle helmet invented by Hövding incorporates motion sensors and microcontrollers from global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics.
New wireless transceiver from STMicroelectronics doubles operation lifetime in smart meters and other wireless sensor node applications
07.05.2012 - STMicroelectronics introduces a high-performance, low-power wireless transceiver than can cut power budget by fifty per cent.
STMicroelectronics accelerometer enable high-shock detection in black boxes and hockey helmets
03.05.2012 - STMicroelectronics new low-power accelerometer senses shocks up to 400g in 3D.
New android app for mobile devices now available from STMicroelectronics
12.04.2012 - STMicroelectronics have developed a new android app known as ‘ST op-amps.’ The app is suitable for mobile devices including smart phones and tablets
TS33 energy-saving voltage comparators from ST Microelectronics
10.04.2012 - Leading global semiconductors specialist and manufacturer of multi-segment ICs, ST Microelectronics introduces a new range of general purpose voltage comparators designed for significant energy saving
ST Microelectronics reveals next generation of high-performance inertial modules for advanced consumer applications
27.03.2012 - ST Microelectronics has introduced a new range of 9-axis modules that leverages ST’s state-of-the-art sensing expertise and MEMS manufacturing heritage to support advanced user features.
ST’s new set top box system-on-chip ICs to deliver next generation services in price-sensitive markets
23.03.2012 - The latest set top box IC family from ST Microelectronics is providing a platform for innovative next-generation services targeting price-sensitive markets.
ST Microelectronics’ 2nd generation NFC controllers creates platform for extra services and revenue growth
29.02.2012 - Leading semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics introduces its second-generation Near Field Communications (NFC) controllers.
ST Microelectronics announces changes in executive management
23.02.2012 - ST Microelectronics has announced the appointment of Carlo Ferro as ST-Ericsson Chief Operating Officer and Mario Arlati as ST Chief Financial Officer.
Smart Reset chips from ST Microelectronics cure frustration from frozen gadgets
22.02.2012 - Leading global semiconductors specialist and manufacturer of standard ICs, ST Microelectronics has introduced a new generation of Smart Reset chips to address the issue of frozen electronic devices.
ST Microelectronics named among Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations
17.02.2012 - World-leading semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has been ranked among the ‘Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations’ by Corporate Knights, a company dedicated to promoting ‘clean capitali
Motor drivers in ST’s miniature modules simplify appliance designs targeting better energy ratings
08.02.2012 - Global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has added two miniature motor drivers to its range of SLLIMM (Small Low-Loss Intelligent Moulded Modules), enabling domestic appliances to offer b
ST’s new flash and torch controller breaks through LED camera flash limitations
07.02.2012 - ST Microelectronics has introduced a new IC designed to enable compact digital cameras and camera phones meet the increased power demand from built-in flash units while supporting more sophisticated u
ST’s new voltage-level translators allow greater storage capacity and faster multimedia access on portable devices
01.02.2012 - World-leading semiconductors specialist and manufacturer of standard ICs, ST Microelectronics has introduced a new voltage-level translator compliant with the latest SD 3.0 standard.
New battery-monitor ICs from ST Microelectronics help batteries in handhelds run longer
20.01.2012 - Global semiconductors specialist and leading manufacturer of standard ICs, ST Microelectronics introduces a new battery monitoring ‘gas gauge’ for handheld applications.
ST Microelectronics creates smart home service opportunities leveraging app store ease of use
18.01.2012 - World-leading semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has introduced a new open platform for smart buildings to address the challenge of efficiently using energy for heating and lighting as wel
Smart Voice audio processors from ST Microelectronics bring new clarity to mobile conversations
17.01.2012 - Leading global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics offers a new range of digital audio processors that in combination with MEMS microphones, create industry-unique acoustic sub-systems.
ST Microelectronics introduces extremely compact 3-axis digital gyroscopes
15.12.2011 - Global semiconductors leader, ST Microelectronics introduces one of the smallest three-axis digital gyroscopes in the world to their motion-sensing portfolio.
ST-Ericsson and ST Microelectronics collaborate to deliver fully-immersive mobile augmented reality experience
14.12.2011 - ST Microelectronics will collaborate with ST-Ericsson, a world leader in wireless platforms and semiconductors on the VENTURI (immersiVe ENhancemenT of User-woRld Interactions) European scientific pro
ST Microelectronics unveils high performing secure processor for advanced computer security
24.11.2011 - Global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics presents a breakthrough 32-bit Trusted Platform Module (TPM) system-on-chip that supports next-generation TCG standards for attack-resistant trust
ST’s MEMS accelerometers usher in smart sensing
10.11.2011 - Global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics introduces a range of three-axis high-resolution accelerometers with two embedded finite-state machines.
ST Microelectronics introduces new single-chip data encryption engine to boost consumer data security
01.11.2011 - Global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has introduced a new range of encryption devices designed to boost consumer data security to one of the most rigorous standards in the world.
ST Microelectronics new IC for UHS-I micro-SDs combines EMI filtering and ESD protection
28.10.2011 - The integrated circuit are designed specifically for use with UHS-I micro-SDs and combines EMI filtering and ESD protection as well as a host of other features.
ST Microelectronics develops the EyeQ3 with Mobileye
10.10.2011 - St Microelectronics partners with Mobileye in developing the EyeQ3, a third-generation system-on-chip family.
ST Microelectronics introduces new RF power transistors leveraging advanced proprietary technology
30.09.2011 - ST Microelectronics has introduced a new line of RF devices that leverages advanced proprietary technology to increase performance and reliability in demanding applications.
iNEMO Engine Sensor Fusion Suite from ST Microelectronics
19.09.2011 - ST Microelectronics introduces the iNEMO Engine Sensor Fusion Suite, a new family of advanced filtering and predictive software.
ST Microelectronics accelerates integration of motion and orientation sensors
16.09.2011 - Leading global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has collaborated with Microsoft to develop a motion and orientation Human Interface Device (HID) sensor solution running on the Windows 8
iNEMO MEMS Module from ST Microelectronics
09.09.2011 - ST Microelectronics presents the iNEMO 6DoF inertial MEMS module that integrates three-axis sensing of linear and angular motion all in one package.
M24LR64 Wireless Memory from ST Microelectronics
08.09.2011 - ST Microelectronics extends their range of Near-Field Communication (NFC) products with the M24LR64 wireless memory.
The L3G3250A 3-Axis Analog Gyroscope MEMS from ST Microelectronics
05.09.2011 - ST Microelectronics presents the L3G3250A 3-Axis Analog Gyroscope MEMS for consumer and portable applications.
ST Microelectronics delivers motion sensing realism with new digital gyroscopes
25.08.2011 - Leading global semiconductor solutions specialist, ST Microelectronics adds a new range of high-performance three-axis digital output gyroscopes to their motion sensor portfolio.
Calypso Revision 3 Smart Card IC from ST Microelectronics
09.08.2011 - ST Microelectronics presents their new secure Calypso Revision 3 Smart Card IC, which supports the latest version of the Calypso ticketing open standard.
ST and BioRobotics Institute establish joint lab to develop advanced robots and smart systems
04.08.2011 - ST Microelectronics has partnered with the BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna to establish a joint lab designed to develop bio-inspired robots and smart systems for advanced medical a
ST’s new multi-sensor modules provide six degrees of freedom in advanced motion-sensing applications
03.08.2011 - Leading global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has expanded its portfolio with a new device that combines three-axis sensing of both linear and angular motion.
ST Microelectronics introduces innovative System-on-Chip for Multimedia Monitors.
12.07.2011 - STMicroelectronics presents an innovative System-on-Chip that enables rapid deployment of DisplayPort 1.2 Interfaces and high resolution 3D for Multimedia Monitors.
ST Microelectronics unveils fast-write memory for low-cost black-box recorders
11.07.2011 - ST Microelectronics has introduced a new memory with a unique ultra-fast recording feature for storing important data during unexpected events.
ST Microelectronics release Verafoodborne Lab-on-Chip application for pathogen detection
06.07.2011 - Provider of molecular detection tests, Veredus Laboratories, and its technology partner, ST Microelectronics, have announced the successful development and deployment of VereFoodborne, a Lab-on-Chip application.
STMicroelectronics 28nm CMOS process now available to universities through CMP
17.06.2011 - ST Microelectronics' CMOS 28nm process is now available for prototyping to universities, research labs and companies through the silicon brokerage services provided by Circuits Multi Projets.
ST Microelectronics’ new FingerTip touchscreen technology stifles electrical ‘noise’
16.06.2011 - ST Microelectronics has announced the release of its new FingerTip capacitive sensing technology, which enables a single-chip solution for capacitive touchscreens up to 10" in diameter.
ST Microelectronics conquers the need for multiple EEPROMs with its announcement of its new 2-Mbit serial EEPROM memory chips
15.06.2011 - 2-Mbit serial EEPROM memory chips released from ST Microelectronics replace the use of multiple EEPROMs, and are suitable to both industrial and consumer applications.
ST Microelectronics extends its family of transistors with new STripFET VI DeepGATE power MOSFETs.
10.06.2011 - New STripFET VI DeepGATE power MOSFETs to join the reliable family of transistors from ST Microelectronics.
ST Microelectronics has released its first radiation-hardened power MOSFETs
07.06.2011 - Radiation-hardened power MOSFETs from ST Microelectronics are designed to withstand radiation in Space.
ST Microelectronics introduced its new TSC1021 current sense amplifier
01.06.2011 - The TSC1021 current sense amplifier from ST Microelectronics can now be used for a wider range of applications at a competitive cost.
ST Microelectronics to Increase MEMS Production Capacity to over 3 Million Sensors/Day by End-2011
01.06.2011 - Market leader ST Microelectronics is increasing its MEMS production capacity to more than 3 million sensors a day by the end of 2011.
ST Microelectronics introduces its new automotive-grade power mosfets
26.05.2011 - ST Microelectronics delivers energy efficiency, size and cost benefits to cars in the near future with its new automotive-grade mosfets.
ST Microelectronics releases its new electronic ballast controller
25.05.2011 - The new L6520 electronic ballast controller from ST Microelectronics is capable of saving time and money.
New RF Power MOSFETs from ST Microelectronics Increase Uptime for High Power RF Devices
23.05.2011 - Leading semiconductor company ST Microelectronics has introduced best-in-class technology to increase uptime and performance for broadcast and medical imaging equipment.
Sound Terminal Audio ICs from ST Microelectronics Offer Miniaturised High-Performance Audio
12.05.2011 - ST Microelectronics, a global semiconductors specialist and a leading supplier of high-performance audio ICs introduces its new Sound Terminal ICs.
ST Microelectronics reveals the SPEAr1340 embedded microprocessor
10.05.2011 - The SPEAr1340 microprocessor from ST Microelectronics features advanced multimedia capabilities.
ST Microelectronics Named in FORTUNE Magazine’s 2011 Annual Ranking of ‘350 Most Admired Companies’
15.04.2011 - ST Microelectronics has been recognised as one of the ‘350 Most Admired Companies’ for the second consecutive year, according to FORTUNE Magazine’s 2011 ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ survey results
ST Microelectronics Introduces Small and Compact 3-Axis Analogue Gyroscopes
08.04.2011 - ST Microelectronics has extended its motion sensor portfolio with one of the market’s smallest 3-axis analogue-output gyroscopes.
STMicroelectronics Unveils Next-Generation iNEMO Engine Sensor Fusion Software for Smart Consumer Devices
07.04.2011 - ST Microelectronics introduces its new iNEMO Engine sensor fusion software designed for use in motion-sensing applications in smart consumer devices.
ST Microelectronics Appoints New Senior Executives
28.03.2011 - ST Microelectronics, a world-leading provider of innovative semiconductor solutions announces new appointments to its executive management team.
ST Microelectronics Board Proposes to Increase Annual Cash Dividend
21.03.2011 - The Supervisory Board of ST Microelectronics has approved the management’s proposal to increase the annual cash dividend on outstanding shares of the Company’s common stock.
STMicroelectronics Drives Power-Package Miniaturisation in Control Modules
18.03.2011 - ST Microelectronics introduces a new package designed to allow further miniaturisation of control modules that must meet strict safety specifications such as IEC 60370 and IEC 60335.
STMicroelectronics Receives 2010 Industry Award
19.10.2010 - ST Microelectronics has received the 2010 Industry Award from the Geneva Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI).
STMicroelectronics Sharpens Audio Edge for STM32 Developers
04.10.2010 - ST Microelectronics has teamed up with audio experts Spirit DSP to help product developers exploit the full potential of STM32 microcontrollers in portable audio and home audio products.
Project Demonstration of ST Microelectronics’s FP6 PULLNANO at ICT 2010
30.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics heads the EU Sixth Framework Program, the PULLNANO Advanced Technology Research and development project.
STMicroelectronics’ STarGRID SoC Used in Smart Metering Project in Spain
29.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics is a leading semiconductor manufacturer and a major supplier of power management solutions worldwide.
ST's New Generation of Audio Power Amplifiers Maintain Sound in Start/Stop Cars
23.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics, a world leader in automotive ICs is pioneering a new generation of chips that allow in-car entertainment equipment to operate without interruption as the engine is turned off.
STMicroelectronics to Drive Next-Generation In-Vehicle Infotainment with I/O Hub
21.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics, one of the world’s leading suppliers of semiconductors for automotive applications ushers in a new era in automobile infotainment.
STMicroelectronics’ STM32 Discovery Kit Establishes New Industry Standard for Low-Cost Tools for 32-bit Microcontrollers
20.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics has launched the STM32 Discovery Kit, a low-priced hardware development platform supported by free or very-low-cost downloadable development tools.
Sagemcom’s STBs Powered by Advanced Internet/ Broadcast-TV System-on-Chip from STMicroelectronics
16.09.2010 - Sagemcom chose STi7108 System-on-Chip units from ST Microelectronics offering ultimate high-definition viewing, Internet browsing and content-handling experiences for their high-end STBs.
STMicroelectronics’ MEMS Microphones Make Conversations Crystal-Clear
15.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics is a major supplier of MEMS systems for consumer and portable applications.
STMicroelectronics to Supply Advanced System-on-Chip for HD STBS to Polish DTH Digital TV Arena
14.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics will supply its advanced System-on-Chip for high-definition STBs to Cyfrowy Polsat Technology, Poland’s number-one DTH (Direct-To-Home) provider.
STMicroelectronics Unveils Key Industry Trends in MEMS Sensors at SEMICON Taiwan 2010
13.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics specialises in the supply of MEMS sensors for consumer and portable applications.
STMicroelectronics Demonstrates ‘The Future of Entertainment’ at IBC 2010
10.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics is showcasing a broad range of set-top box (STB) solutions under the theme ‘The Future of Entertainment’ at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2010).
STMicroelectronics Launches New High-Performance Digital TV System-on-Chip and Video-Enhancement IC
07.09.2010 - ST Microelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies and a leader in chips for set-top boxes and digital TVs.
STMicroelectronics Unveils New High-Performance Digital TV System-on-Chip
31.08.2010 - ST Microelectronics, a leader in chips for set-top boxes and digital TVs, has announced a new TV System-on-Chip (SoC) IC offering 3DTV support and advanced 120Hz MEMC.
STMicroelectronics Advances Set-Top Box Chip Features for Emerging Markets
09.08.2010 - ST Microelectronics, one of the world’s leading suppliers of set-top box ICs, has announced its latest decoder chip for low-cost, standard-definition equipment.
STMicroelectronics Enables Dish TV Digital Set-Top Boxes as India’s DTH Leader Targets Growth through Innovation
06.08.2010 - ST Microelectronics have announced that Dish TV’s latest digital set-top boxes are powered by ST’s highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) STB decoder ICs.
New-Generation Microprocessor from STMicroelectronics Targets High-Performance Connectivity and Embedded Applications
05.08.2010 - ST Microelectronics, a world leader in system-on-chip technology introduces the industry’s first embedded microprocessor that couples two ARM Cortex-A9 cores with a DDR3 memory interface.
ST Microelectronics Hosts Discussions on the Future of Automotive Infotainment
28.07.2010 - ST Microelectronics, the world's largest supplier of components for digital radio receivers hosted this year's WorldDMB Car Manufacturers Workshop in Munich, Germany early this month.
ST Microelectronics Delivers Extra Micropower Choices for Analogue Designers
27.07.2010 - ST Microelectronics, a world leader in analogue and mixed signal ICs has introduced an ultra-low-power comparator in a choice of tiny packages.
New integrated circuits from ST Microelectronics support diverse audio-enabled applications
27.07.2010 - A new model of integrated circuits developed by ST Microelectronics reduces the total space required to embed microphones for a variety of functions in portable devices such as smartphones.
ST Microelectronics and Debiotech Debut Disposable Insulin Jewel Pump at ADA Congress in US
23.07.2010 - Debiotech and ST Microelectronics have showcased their novel insulin ‘Jewel Pump’ at the American Diabetes Association 70th Scientific Sessions conducted recently in Orlando, Florida.
ST Microelectronics Announces 32nm Design Platform for Next-Generation System-on-Chip ICs
21.07.2010 - ST Microelectronics is a global leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions.
INRIA and STMicroelectronics sign partnership agreement for Embedded Systems
25.11.2008 - STMicroelectronics and INRIA, the French national institute for research in computer science and control announce that they have signed a partnership agreement covering embedded systems.
The Portland Group and AMD ink agreement to collaborate on accelerator compiler technology
21.11.2008 - The Portland Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ST Microelectronics have announced their agreement with AMD to cooperate on the development of compiler technology for AMD FireStream compute accelerators. As part of the agreement, PGI and AMD will in
The Portland Group announce availability of PGI 8.0 optimising compilers and tools for Multi-core x64 Processors
19.11.2008 - The Portland Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ST Microelectronics have announced the general availability of the PGI Release 8.0 line of high-performance compilers and development tools for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. PGI Release 8.0 includes ful
ST Microelectronics unveil new series of high-performance three-axis linear accelerometers
12.11.2008 - ST Microelectronics have introduced a new family of high-performance three-axis linear accelerometers with digital output. The tiny 3x3x1mm sensors boast resolution scalability, smart embedded features and reduced power consumption, addressing the ex
ST-NXP Wireless accelerates efforts to capture identified synergies
11.11.2008 - In announcing the deal to create ST-NXP Wireless, the parent companies, ST Microelectronics and NXP, highlighted the strong complementary nature of the businesses, while also recognising a number of opportunities for synergies.
ST Microelectronics and LG Electronics demonstrate multiple NFC services on LG KU380-NFC Mobile Phone
10.11.2008 - ST Microelectronics and LG Electronics (LG) have announced an NFC (Near Field Communication) demonstration of LG’s KU380-NFC phone, which uses ST Microelectronics’ ST21NFCA system-on-chip.
Incard Touch&Sign high-security contact and contactless smart card from ST Microelectronics
06.11.2008 - Incard have introduced Touch&Sign high-security contact and contactless smart card and is available from ST Microelectronics. The Touch&Sign high-security contact and contactless smart card is designed for a range of applications in digital signature
ST23YL Secure IC smartcard controllers from ST Microelectronics attain CC v3.1 certification
05.11.2008 - Two smartcard controllers from ST Microelectronics have become the industry’s first devices certified to Evaluation Assurance Level 5+ (EAL 5+) of CC v3.1 (Common Criteria version 3.1), the latest revision of the ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria for IT
ST Microelectronics’ flip-chip package delivers space and cost savings in consumer application design
04.11.2008 - By combining EMI filtering and ESD protection for 10 high-speed signal lines in a 1.98 x 2.08mm flip-chip package, the EMIF10-LCD03F3 from ST Microelectronics, suppliers of integrated passive and active devices (IPAD), saves up to 80% of board space
ST Microelectronics add new library for STM32 microcontrollers
03.11.2008 - The DSP library for 32-bit family, based on ARM Cortex-M3, provide valuable functions. It is optimised for speed and efficiency, documented and are freely downloadable. ST Microelectronics, providers of microcontrollers, have announced a DSP libr
ST32 and ST33 families from ST Microelectronics boost support for SIM-based features and mobile services
31.10.2008 - ST Microelectronics have introduced two new product families for cellular-phone SIM cards. The features enabled by the two new families will allow mobile network operators to enhance differentiation and expand revenue growth by delivering richer serv
ST Microelectronics and NAVTEQ combine digital road map with positioning data to enhance driver safety
30.10.2008 - ST Microelectronics have announced an agreement with NAVTEQ to collaborate on the development of a novel solution that combines a digital road map with positioning data to enable advanced driver assistance applications, such as curve over-speed warni
ST Microelectronics introduce automotive CMOS sensor for vision-based driver-assistance systems
24.10.2008 - ST Microelectronics have announced their first high-dynamic-range CMOS camera specifically tailored for the vision-based driver-assistance segment of the automotive market. The new sensor combines the company’s world-class expertise in automotive mar
Digital-input audio amplifier from ST Microelectronics
20.10.2008 - ST Microelectronics, semiconductor suppliers to the automotive infotainment segment, have introduced the car audio-amplifier with digital input.
ST Microelectronics and Waseda University Humanoid Robotics Institute unveil a two-wheel inverted pendulum robot
08.10.2008 - ST Microelectronics and the Waseda University Humanoid Robotics Institute (HRI) have announced the development of a high-performance two-wheel inverted pendulum robot, called WV-1 (Waseda wheeled Vehicle-No.1).
ST Microelectronics introduce three-axis MEMS Accelerometer
07.10.2008 - ST Microelectronics have introduced their first automotive-qualified three-axis MEMS accelerometer. The new device is qualified to AEC-Q100 for automotive applications, fully leveraging its proven 200mm-wafer MEMS fabrication facility to deliver lead
ST Microelectronics showcase their products at CEATEC JAPAN 2008
06.10.2008 - ST Microelectronics will introduce and showcase their latest products, technologies and next-generation solutions for applications across a wide variety of markets, including home appliances, automotive, industrial, computer, healthcare and wireless,
ST Microelectronics’ free fall detection solution prevents data damage in notebooks
03.10.2008 - ST Microelectronics’ complete free-fall detection solution, which consists of a 3-axis motion sensor and software application, has been chosen to protect users’ data stored on hard-disk drives in the new ESPRIMO Mobile family of professional notebook
STMicroelectronics introduce the L6591 PWM controller
29.09.2008 - The L6591 PWM controller, available from ST Microelectronics, is an integrated controller optimised for zero-voltage switching asymmetrical half-bridge converters, which enable lower-cost power supplies, delivering high efficiency from standby to ful
SuperMESH3 power MOSFETs from ST Microelectronics
23.09.2008 - ST Microelectronics, providers of power semiconductors, have increased the ruggedness, switching performance and efficiency of power MOSFETs for lighting ballasts, where they were used in the PFC and Half Bridge sections as well as in switching power
ST Microelectronics and NXP unveil management team for joint venture
07.07.2008 - NXP and ST Microelectronics have announced that their new joint venture name will be ST-NXP Wireless.
Channel decoders for digital radio receivers from ST Microelectronics
23.06.2008 - ST Microelectronics has signed an agreement with WorldSpace Satellite Radio to develop, manufacture and distribute chips for European Satellite Digital Radio (ESDR) receivers.
ST Microelectronics announces main resolutions for shareholder approval
04.04.2008 - ST Microelectronics has announced the main resolutions to be submitted for shareholder approval at the company’s annual general meeting, which will be held in Amsterdam on May 14, 2008.
ST Microelectronics and Veredus Laboratories launch lab-on-chip for molecular flu detection
25.03.2008 - ST Microelectronics and Veredus Laboratories have announced the commercial availability of VereFlu, a portable lab-on-chip application for rapid detection of all major influenza types at the point of
STM32 development tools available from ST Microelectronics
14.03.2008 - ST Microelectronics announced that the results of the 2008 Embedded Awards confirm that designing with the STM32 microcontroller family allows developers to meet performance targets for the end application with the help of the STM32 PerformanceStick.
ST Microelectronics introduces small single-chip camera sensor for mobile applications
15.02.2008 - ST Microelectronics has introduced small single-chip camera sensor for mobile applications.
ST Microelectronics launches series of precision digital-output temperature sensors
14.02.2008 - ST Microelectronics has released a new series of precision digital-output temperature sensors, operating over the -55 to +125 degrees C temperature range, which are suitable for low power applications in a wide range of product areas.
ST Microelectronics introduces sensorless field-oriented motor-control solution for ARM Cortex based devices
12.02.2008 - ST Microelectronics has announced a complete three-phase motor-control development kit based on the breakthrough STM32 flash microcontroller launched mid-2007, which provides all the necessary hardware and firmware to enable users to evaluate this 32
ST Microelectronics’ The Portland Group releases PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit for Windows
01.02.2008 - The Portland Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ST Microelectronics and a leader in compilers and development tools for high-performance computing, has released PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit for Microsoft Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003 (CCS)
Hard-disk-drive motor controller from ST Microelectronics
24.01.2008 - ST Microelectronics, provider of disk drive and system-on-chip solutions, unveiled a hard-disk drive (HDD) motor-control chip intended for demanding enterprise-level HDD applications.
STMicroelectronics Announces High-Definition Set-Top-Box Decoder with Integrated Demodulator
22.01.2008 - STMicroelectronics announced today the availability of a new single-chip, high-definition set-top box decoder combining both the demodulation and decoding functions on a single device
STMicroelectronics Introduces Low-Cost Set-Top Box Decoder Supporting Leading Security Standards
22.01.2008 - STMicroelectronics today announced a new low-cost set-top box decoder chip, the STi5202, intended for terrestrial, cable, satellite and IP (Internet Protocol) TV applications
High-Quality PWM Digital Power Amplifier from STMicroelectronics
18.01.2008 - STMicroelectronics announced the addition of their recent product, a new digital power amplifier called the STA510F, within its digital power stage family of high-quality single-chip audio solutions.
STMicroelectronics Announces Timing for 4th Quarter results
18.01.2008 - STMicroelectronics announced that it will release earnings after 5:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time / 11:00 p.m. Central European Time (CET), on January 22, 2008.
STMicroelectronics Leads European MPEG Decoder Shipments for Integrated Digital TV Applications
18.01.2008 - STMicroelectronics confirmed its position for the shipment of MPEG-2 and H.264 decoder chips for use in integrated Digital TV sets (iDTVs) for the European market
Gyration uses ST Microelectronics’ acceleration sensors to enable motion control
17.01.2008 - ST Microelectronics’ three-axis acceleration sensors are used to enable motion control in the new Air Mouse and Music Remote from Gyration, the consumer electronics brand from Movea, Inc.
ST Microelectronics unveils new flyback converter controller
16.01.2008 - ST Microelectronics has released a flexible and cost-saving new controller for high-performance flyback power converters, which can operate in either the Fixed Frequency (FF) or the Quasi-Resonant (QR) mode.
Bluetooth chip for handheld terminals
02.06.2004 - ST Microelectronics has announced that the company is sampling its latest Bluetooth product, the STLC2500, a single-chip product for handheld terminal applications that adds full Bluetooth v1.2 function and capability with superior radio performance
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