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The L3G3250A 3-Axis Analog Gyroscope MEMS from ST Microelectronics

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article image L3G3250A 3-Axis Analog Gyroscope MEMS

ST Microelectronics introduces the L3G3250A Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), currently the smallest high performance 3-Axis Analog Gyroscope in their range of electronics applications.

The L3G3250A are ideal for consumer and portable applications with its expanded motion-sensor portfolio. The L3G3250A offers robust micromachining technology with ST Microelectronic’s aggressive package-shrinking roadmap, which makes it the first, in their MEMS range, 3-asis gyroscope to meet the demand for smaller footprints in next-generation applications, such as gaming and virtual reality input devices, motion control for MMI (man-machine interfaces) GPS navigation systems and appliances and robotics.

The L3G3250A are completely immune to audio noises and mechanical vibrations to provide greater accuracy and reliability. Its advanced design features a single sensing structure for motion measurements along all three orthogonal axes, which further increases sensing accuracy and reliability, while delivering the industry’s highest level of output stability over time and temperature.

The L3G3250A MEMS 3-Axis Analog Gyroscope, available from ST Microelectronics, offers two user-selectable full scales of 625 or 2,500 dps (degrees per second) with sensitivities of 2mV/dps and 0.5mV/dps, respectively.

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