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Sound Terminal Audio ICs from ST Microelectronics Offer Miniaturised High-Performance Audio

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article image STA350BW Sound Terminal Audio IC

ST Microelectronics , a global semiconductors specialist and a leading supplier of high-performance audio ICs introduces its new Sound Terminal ICs.  

ST’s new Sound Terminal digital audio System-on-Chip (SoC) is at the core of extremely slim home audio designs, supporting up to 50W of output power with no external heatsink required.  

Consumers of high-end audio systems such as personal music players and high-definition multimedia expect audiophile sound quality from music docks, sound bars and digital active speakers.  

Highly efficient class-D amplifiers in ST’s audio ICs produce very little heat, enabling the miniature heatsink and enclosure sizes.  

The new Sound Terminal IC, the STA350BW takes this efficiency to a new level, allowing heatsink-free design up to 50W for ultimate slimline styling.  

Key features of ST’s STA350BW Sound Terminal ICs: 

  • Digital audio processing on the chip
  • Multiband Dynamic Range Compression (MDRC) boosts audio clarity and system reliability
  • SoC compensates non-ideal speaker characteristics
  • Optimised low-frequency response for outstanding bass performance
  • Integrated protection features safeguard the system against a wide range of fault conditions
  • Run-time automatic diagnostic circuitry helps prevent failures and boosts the overall reliability of the application
  • Uses ST’s FFX technology to stream full digital audio to the speakers
  • Increases flexibility for configurable products by providing four selectable run-time output configurations supporting a choice of operating modes
  • 50W stereo output with no heatsink required
  • FFX technology digital audio streaming to speakers
  • Pin and software compatible with Sound Terminal family ICs
  • PowerSSO 36-pin slug-down package supporting convenient low-cost system design
  • Design support provided through ST’s integrated development suite, APWorkbench

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