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STMicroelectronics to Drive Next-Generation In-Vehicle Infotainment with I/O Hub

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ST Microelectronics , one of the world’s leading suppliers of semiconductors for automotive applications ushers in a new era in automobile infotainment.  

ST Microelectronics presents the new I/O hub (IOH) specifically designed to work with the Intel Atom processor E6xx series in automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment systems or IVI systems.  

Called ConneXt, the device connects to the Intel Atom processor E6xx series using the industry-standard PCI Express (PCIe) interconnection technology and will enable a richer experience for the driver as well as passengers.  

For instance, a typical next-generation in-vehicle entertainment system will simultaneously provide the driver with applications such as 3D navigation and hands-free cell phone use while the passengers can surf the Internet or play games on different, multiple displays.  

Fabio Marchio, General Manager of the Automotive Infotainment Division, Automotive Product Group, STMicroelectronics says that a key trend in the automotive industry is to offer drivers and passengers access to the same level of information and entertainment in the car as they enjoy at home.  

“In-car networking technologies that handle the distribution of multimedia, data and control information are now well-established and the next step is to offer a cost-effective platform that allows the same architecture to be used across a range of car models and generations.”  

STMicroelectronics’ ConneXt IOH support for the Intel Atom processor E6xx series simplifies system design, enabling the use of open, off-the shelf software as well as reducing development costs and time-to-market.  

It will also provide rich I/O connectivity including Ethernet AVB (Audio Video Bridging), CAN (Controller Area Network) and MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) as well as general purpose I/Os such as SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) and USB On-the-Go for broader applications.  

According to Jonathan Luse, director of marketing for the Intel Low Power Embedded Products Division, the Intel Atom processor E6xx series is more integrated and provides an open interface that allows it to be easily customised for in-vehicle infotainment solutions.  

“Pairing it with an IOH such as STMicroelectronics’ ConneXt allows our automotive customers to quickly develop a solid hardware platform to add compelling in-vehicle applications and services.”  

The ConneXt chip was designed by ST in consultation with Intel to ensure that the IOH would be optimally matched to the Intel Atom processor E6xx series to expand its connectivity. First samples are scheduled for May 2011.

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