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STMicroelectronics’ microcontroller powers artificial-intelligence cars from Anki Drive

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Global semiconductors leader, ST Microelectronics announces that its STM32 microcontroller has been selected by Anki, a robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) start-up for use in their first product, the Anki Drive.

The Anki Drive enables consumers to download an app on their compatible iOS devices to interact and race against intelligent robotic miniature race cars. 

Each car in Anki Drive analyses data from the race track 500 times per second. The performance and processing capacity of ST’s STM32 microcontroller delivers the real-time responsiveness in the Anki Drive cars, which are equipped with optical sensors, wireless chips, motors, and over 20,000 lines of code. The ARM Cortex M-based STM32 also provides excellent power efficiency giving Anki Drive users the perfect balance of functionality and battery life. 

Hanns Tappeiner, Co-Founder & President, Anki, Inc explains the STM32 microcontroller was selected for several reasons, including its computational power, footprint and peripheral portfolio. He adds the ability of the STM32 to process data quickly, as well as offer highly integrated peripherals such as a General Purpose DMA, made it into a great microcontroller for Anki Drive cars.

Michel Buffa, General Manager, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics comments that they are proud to have the STM32 microcontroller, with its efficient and well-designed architecture, DMA and rich peripheral set, powering Anki’s vision.

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