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ST32 and ST33 families from ST Microelectronics boost support for SIM-based features and mobile services

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article image The ST32 and ST33 smart card processor families

ST Microelectronics  have introduced two new product families for cellular-phone SIM cards. The features enabled by the two new families will allow mobile network operators to enhance differentiation and expand revenue growth by delivering richer services to subscribers.

The ST32 and ST33 smart card processor families use the best-in-class ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit processor architecture, and its SC300 secure version, combined with large embedded-Flash memory capacities. All the new devices use ST’s 90nm embedded Flash technology, delivering the combined benefits of increased capabilities, lower power, smaller chip dimensions and are economical.

The ST32 family uses the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor and contains two devices offering a choice of memory sizes. The ST32F416 and ST32F512 offer 416 Kbytes and 512 Kbytes of embedded Flash, respectively, and address the 128 K and 256 K 2G and 3G markets. Additional ST32 devices will be introduced with lower memory densities in the future.

The ST33 family targets the high-end SIM market, which requires high level of security. This family is based on the SC300 highly secure version of the ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit core. The ST33F1M, the first product in this range, features 1.2 Mbytes of embedded Flash with 30 Kbytes of RAM, an SWP (Single-Wire Protocol) interface for NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity, and the most advanced cryptographic coprocessor (Nescrypt).

With its intrinsic security level and wide availability of interfaces, the ST33F1M targets innovative (U)SIM markets such as Mobile Banking and Mobile TV. In addition, the large embedded-Flash memory size available will allow telecom operators to enrich the multimedia content of their (U)SIM cards.

All of the new devices meet industry standards for SIM card interfaces and communication, including ISO7816-3. In addition, ST33F1M also targets the high security levels, such as CC-EAL5+ and EMVCo certifications. The devices also support standard power-management features laid down for cellular handsets, and achieve current consumption defined by GSM and ETSI standards.

According to Laurent Degauque, Telecom and NFC Marketing Manager, ST’s Smartcard Division, the new ST32 and ST33 product families complement the existing ST21 family, which is already successfully deployed in volume using both embedded Flash and EEPROM technology. The combination of these three comprehensive product families position ST as a major global supplier for (U)SIM applications, from the volume-driven market to highly secure and innovative high-end solutions.

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