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ST and Thingsquare team up to advance easy-to-use Internet of Things

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Global semiconductors specialist ST Microelectronics has teamed up with Thingsquare, a pioneering provider of open-source software for the Internet of Things to bring Thingsquare Mist Internet-connectivity software to ST’s SPIRIT1 radio transceiver on the STM32L microcontroller platform.

Thingsquare Mist is a game-changing software system that brings true Internet-connectivity to the Internet of Things. Used in connected-home products, smart lighting systems, and smart city projects, Thingsquare Mist builds on well-known open-source components, has a small memory footprint and low computational requirements, and works with multiple microcontrollers with a range of radios.

ST’s SPIRIT1 is a very low-power RF transceiver, intended for RF wireless-sensor node applications in the sub-1 GHz band, such as Automatic Meter Infrastructure, alarm and security systems, home and building automation, and industrial monitoring and control. The SPIRIT1 uses a very small number of discrete external components, integrates an embedded ‘listen-before-talk’ (CSMA/CA) engine and an AES 128-bit encryption co-processor for secure data transfer.

The SPIRIT1 transceiver works in tandem with ST’s ARM Cortex-M3-based STM32 L1 microcontroller series, which boasts ultra-low-power consumption with no compromise on performance. The microcontroller adds a wide range of integrated peripherals including USB, analogue-to-digital converter and LCD controller that make it suitable for industrial, consumer, fitness, and healthcare applications.

According to Marcello San Biagio, High End Analog and RF Business Unit Director at ST Microelectronics, Thingsquare Mist makes it possible for customers to quickly add Internet-connectivity to their products, adding that the extremely efficient Thingsquare Mist ‘sleepy mesh’ technology helps increase reliability and range in wireless sensor networks without sacrificing battery life.

Fredrik Österlind, Thingsquare CTO adds that the SPIRIT1 combines exceptional performance in the sub-GHz band with very low power consumption, while its range allows use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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