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ST Microelectronics unveils fast-write memory for low-cost black-box recorders

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article image Fast-write memory for low-cost black-box recorders

ST Microelectronics  has introduced a new memory with a unique ultra-fast recording feature for storing important data during unexpected events.  

ST Microelectronics is a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications and the world’s leading supplier of EEPROM memories for electronic equipment.  

The superfast page-write time for proven non-volatile memory technology simplifies design of emergency data storage. Users of ST’s new fast-write memory can now recover system data when a sudden power failure occurs while black-box recorders will help identify the causes of equipment failures or accidents.  

Equipped with the M35B32 EEPROM, a system can store a significant amount of vital information (2 Kbits) in less than one millisecond, and can therefore react when the onset of a system failure or an accident is detected.  

In the event of a power failure, this super-fast data storage can save the information needed to recover the system before the power supply voltage falls to an unusable level.  

Major applications for the high-speed memory products include games, battery powered gadgets, utility meters, smart grid equipment, industrial systems and medical devices.  

Key features of ST’s M35B32 EEPROM fast-write memory: 

  • About 40 times faster than a standard 32-Kbit EEPROM and matches the write speed of Flash
  • Allows designers to specify a voltage supply backup capacitor of 1/10th the size needed to operate the memory using 1/10th the energy of Flash
  • Significant savings in cost and printed-circuit-board area
  • EEPROM technology offers cost and quality advantages over high-speed FRAM technology
  • 32-Kbit capacity divided into two sectors for event recording and regular system EEPROM
  • User adjustable sector sizes to suit various application requirements
  • Large page size of 256 bytes allows a large amount of data to be written in a single page-write cycle
  • Accessed via a standard SPI serial connection, and can be used as a direct replacement for standard SPI serial memories

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