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ST Microelectronics releases its new electronic ballast controller

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ST Microelectronics  has released its new ballast controller capable of reducing design time and costs. This new electronic ballast controller will significantly contribute to optimising the usage of energy, greatly reducing the CO2 emission. It will also fulfill the requirements of energy-saving regulations such as ENERGY STAR.

With lighting taking up to 19% of the overall electricity consumption worldwide, and private and public organizations looking towards incentives, standards and regulations for improved energy efficiency, high-frequency electronic ballasts are rapidly replacing electromagnetic ballasts due to higher efficiency, low weight through the use of electronic components and no visible flickering.

ST’s new L6520 electronic ballast controller is the first device to give the choice of using low-cost bipolar power switches without compromising reliability, ensuring high-energy efficiency and integrating important features on-chip to save design time and cost, while reducing bill-of-materials costs.

Manufacturers can now reduce design and procurement costs for products covering a range of performance and price points with the ability of using the electronic ballast controller with a wide range of lamp topologies, power ratings and an extended temperature range from -25 °C up to 85°C.

Embeding a digital control core, the L6520 electronic ballast controller integrates all functions and protection, saving as much as 30% of the external components required with alternative controllers.

The L6520 electronic ballast controller features include:

  • Digital control core allows a high level of integration
  • Accurate and programmable preheating time to improve lamp life
  • ST’s proprietary current-control circuit featuring over-current, over-voltage, choke-saturation control and hard switching protection
  • Storage-time compensation circuitry for bipolar transistors enhance robustness
  • Lamp end-of-life
  • Compatible with series or parallel lamp topologies and different power ranges
  • Extended temperature range from -25 °C up to 85 °C.
  • Preheat duration for different lamps and international norms for L6520 is 1.5 seconds preheat , and L6521 is 0.8 seconds preheat.

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