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ST Microelectronics introduces new RF power transistors leveraging advanced proprietary technology

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Leading global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has introduced a new line of RF devices that leverages advanced proprietary technology to increase performance and reliability in demanding applications.

The new LET Series radio frequency power transistors use an advanced technology that increases performance, ruggedness and reliability in vital demanding applications such as government communications, private mobile radio used by emergency services, and L-band satellite uplink equipment.

Enhancements to leading-edge broadband amplifier technology in the RF power transistors are designed to deliver a cost-effective platform for increased wireless system performance.

Equipment including wireless base stations and repeaters used by organisations such as security and emergency services as well as commercial communications companies must achieve high RF power output at high frequencies while producing low distortion at the same time.

While these conflicting targets can complicate design at potentially higher costs, LDMOS technology has proved successful in enabling designers to meet these targets. ST’s new RF power transistors will now enable equipment designers to increase system performance even further.

Explaining that LDMOS is a key enabling technology for high-speed, robust wireless communications, Serge Juhel, RF Product Marketing and Application Support Manager says that ST’s next-generation RF devices will help equipment designers boost RF power without compromising important system metrics, including linearity, ruggedness and reliability.

He adds that the new RF power transistors will deliver benefits in critical applications such as private mobile radio, government wideband communications, avionics systems and satellite uplink radio.

Key features of ST’s LET family of RF transistors:

  • ST’s latest STH5P LDMOS technology helps achieve increased power saturation capability, minimising distortion at higher power levels 
  • Operates at frequencies up to 2GHz with major linearity, ruggedness and reliability improvements 
  • Efficiency is also increased by 10-15% compared to devices using earlier LDMOS processes 
  • 3dB higher gain than predecessor models simplifies amplifier design and minimises parts count 
  • Increase in breakdown voltage to 80V from 65V and improved thermal performance 
  • Enhancements lead to greater reliability, as well as significantly increased load mismatch capability

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