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ST Microelectronics develops the EyeQ3 with Mobileye

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St Microelectronics partners with Mobileye in developing the EyeQ3 detection devices, a third-generation system-on-chip family for vision-based driver assistance systems of the automotive market.

The EyeQ3 and EyeQ3-Lite are the third-generation family from the EyeQ1 automotive equipment, which offers functions that drastically help reduce the number of automotive accidents, including lane-depature warning, adaptive headlight control, traffic sign recognition, collision avoidance via radar-camera fusion and forward collision warning.

The award winning EyeQ2 detection devices, which has recently entered production in the new Volvo S60 sedan-car series, had improved on the EyeQ1 by enabling the vision processor to recognise pedestrians as the most vulnerable road users. The EyeQ2 automotive equipment features ‘pedestrian detection’ and an option for the car manufacturers to enable fully automatic emergency braking, which is particularly useful in urban environments.

As for the EyeQ3 detection devices, ST Microelectronics and Mobileye are co-developing an even more powerful processor, which would be six times more powerful than its predecessors and meet demands for increased resolution to distinguish objects better than before.

The EyeQ3 will include a front-camera and surround-camera which would simultaneously feature:

  • Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping & Support;
  • Traffic-Sign Recognition - with increased scope;
  • Enhanced Headlamp Management;
  • Vehicle Detection for Forward Collision Warning;
  • Headway Monitoring and Warning;
  • Radar-vision fusion abilities;
  • World’s first full-speed-range vision-only Adaptive Cruise-Control system
  • Vision-only Collision Mitigation - via braking at low speeds
  • Pedestrian Detection - On forward-looking and, for the first time, rear-view cameras - working in combination with all other front-camera applications.
  • General object detection  
The EyeQ3 is designed to accept multiple camera inputs from Surround-View Systems. Its processor will feature four multi-threaded MIPS32 cores, as well as four cores of the new generation of Mobileye’s Vector Microcode Processors (VMP).

The EyeQ3 detection devices are already underway with stress-test qualifications planned within 2013. For more information on the EyeQ3, visit St Microeletronic’s website for details.

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