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ST Microelectronics and LG Electronics demonstrate multiple NFC services on LG KU380-NFC Mobile Phone

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article image KU380-NFC phone uses ST21NFCA system-on-chip

ST Microelectronics  and LG Electronics (LG) have announced an NFC (Near Field Communication) demonstration of LG’s KU380-NFC phone, which uses ST Microelectronics’ ST21NFCA system-on-chip. The KU380-NFC phone features Paypass contactless payment capabilities enabled by a (U)SIM card, as well as contactless reader functions.

The KU380-NFC phone, which is among the first NFC-enabled handsets, enhances flexibility for service developers by supporting applications running either on the terminal processor or on the (U)SIM card.

Taking advantage of the ST21NFCA capabilities to support both NFC card-emulation and reader modes, the KU380-NFC phone will allow Mobile Network Operators to validate and accelerate NFC technology deployment.

ST and LG have achieved the flexibility of the KU380-NFC mobile phone by combining an open architecture with advanced ETSI standards, such as the Host Controller Interface (HCI), Single Wire Protocol (SWP) for communication with the (U)SIM card, in addition to 13.56MHz-based RF communication standards.

First KU380-NFC prototypes are being demonstrated using a Gemalto (U)SIM card, fully compliant with all relevant ETSI standards, and featuring both Reader and Paypass applications.

“The KU380-NFC phone, the first in the market to use the ST21NFCA NFC controller, is the result of a successful collaboration between LG Electronics, Gemalto and ST,” said Laurent Degauque, Telecom and NFC Marketing Manager, ST Microelectronics.

“Collaborating with these two leaders and pioneers in NFC technology deployment, on an end-user product that features all NFC operating modes, is a great opportunity for ST to show the benefits of the ST21NFCA’s open architecture.”

“Through this world premiere, and thanks to the efficient collaboration of ST Microelectronics and Gemalto, two global leaders in their respective businesses, LG is showing its strong commitment to innovate and anticipate customers needs,” said Frédéric Christophe, Director Engineering and Standards, LG Electronics Mobilecomm France.

“Gemalto is very proud to cooperate with leaders in the mobile market, such as LG and ST Microelectronics,” added Jérôme Sion, Director of mobile contactless activities at Gemalto. “Providing solutions based on standardized technology is key to enabling the sustainable take-off of mobile contactless services.”

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