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ST Microelectronics accelerates integration of motion and orientation sensors

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Leading global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics has collaborated with Microsoft to develop a motion and orientation Human Interface Device (HID) sensor solution running on the Windows 8 operating system.

The collaboration with Microsoft ensures fast adoption of MEMS and other sensing technologies in Windows 8-based tablets and computers while demonstrating ST’s ability to provide a complete sensor solution integrating multiple sensors with processing capabilities and dedicated software in a single module.

Now in volume production, ST’s award-winning iNEMO module combines a 3-axis digital gyroscope, a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis digital magnetometer with a proximity sensor, a barometric pressure sensor and an STM32 microcontroller that runs ST’s iNEMO Engine sensor-fusion algorithms and HIDs using the Intelligent Interface Controller (I2C) protocol.

According to Benedetto Vigna, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Product Group, ST’s HID sensor solution delivers plug-and-play turnkey benefits on both x86 and ARM processors running the new operating system.

With the Microsoft sensor driver stack and ST’s sensor-controller firmware, equipment manufacturers do not require to develop drivers while end users can enjoy the Windows 8 sensor scenarios such as screen rotation or indoor location, as well as additional power saving through the STM32 microcontroller integrated in the iNEMO module.

As a lead collaborator during Windows 8 development for sensor ecosystem and user experience, ST has been providing direct input and feedback to Microsoft for future sensor-based specifications and platforms.

In addition to the HID sensor solutions, ST as a complete MEMS solution provider also offers a Customer Driver for the upcoming Windows 8, which uses ST’s existing Windows 7 sensor driver. ST is one of the few vendors to have received the Windows 7 motion and orientation sensor qualification, demonstrating the Company’s commitment to support Microsoft solutions.

ST’s new sensor solution is currently being showcased at the Microsoft BUILD conference in Anaheim, CA. 

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