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New integrated circuits from ST Microelectronics support diverse audio-enabled applications

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article image Single chip integrated circuits for emedded microphones

A new model of integrated circuits developed by ST Microelectronics reduces the total space required to embed microphones for a variety of functions in portable devices such as smartphones.

Demand for consumer electronic applications that require a microphone are increasing, as users have begun to expect to use their PCs for voice calls, use voice commands to control devices such as GPS receivers and record audio directly onto portable media devices.

Mobile devices such as cell phones, which traditionally featured one microphone, are also now adding extra microphones to provide active noise cancellation features.

Although demand for embedded microphones is increasing, little extra space is physically available inside portable device enclosures. Designers are actively seeking solutions for integrated circuits that make the microphone smaller and allow the essential interface circuitry to be mounted on the printed circuit board.

EMIF02-MIC07F3 integrated circuits from ST Microelectronic are next-generation devices that integrate the complete noise filtering, ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection and biasing for one microphone in a single IC occupying only 1.37mm².

The single chip replaces multiple discrete components that consume at least 20.8mm².

The EMIF02-MIC07F3 also enhances performance by using ST Microelectronic’s advanced PZT (Lead Zirconium Titanate) process, which allows high capacitance values within ultra-miniature dimensions.

This allows designers to optimise the filter characteristics, and with all of the interface components fabricated on a single chip, close matching between the capacitor and resistor values produces more repeatable performance than is possible with discrete components.

EMIF02-MIC07F3 integrated circuits are packaged in a 1.17 x 1.17mm ST IPAD (Integrated Passive and Active Devices) package featuring IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 ESD protection and high capacitance density PZT technology (45nF per mm²).

This single chip solution for embedded microphones enables:

  • simplified design
  • a faster time to market
  • enhanced reliability; and
  • efficient supply-chain management.

Samples of EMIF02-MIC07F3 integrated circuits are available now, in an 8-bump lead-free flip-chip IPAD package.

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