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New RF Power MOSFETs from ST Microelectronics Increase Uptime for High Power RF Devices

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article image New RF Power MOSFETs from ST Microelectronics

Leading semiconductor company ST Microelectronics has introduced best-in-class technology to increase uptime and performance for broadcast and medical imaging equipment.  

The new RF power MOSFETs combine highly rugged silicon and thermally efficient packaging for extra reliability and performance advantages.  

High-power RF devices such as medical scanners and plasma generators will offer improved uptime for owners as well as increased performance and lower costs by using the latest generation of high-frequency power transistors introduced by ST Microelectronics recently.  

ST Microelectronics serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications and is a world leader in power semiconductors.  

The latest RF power MOSFETs from ST Microelectronics can withstand peak voltages up to 200V, at least 20% more than competing devices. This increased ruggedness helps extend the operating lifetime of the power transistor, reducing equipment downtime and ownership costs.  

The advanced process also improves the MOSFET’s gain, efficiency and high-power characteristics, which can increase equipment performance and simplify design.  

The new devices also feature the latest generation sealed-ceramic and ST Air Cavity (STAC) package technologies, which speed-up removal of thermal energy from the die to increase reliability and further reduce equipment servicing costs.  

The SD4931 and SD4933 are 150W and 300W N-channel RF power MOSFETs for 50V DC large-signal applications up to 250MHz. The devices deliver the advantages of ST’s enhanced vertical silicon process in a sealed ceramic package featuring flanges for bolt-down mounting.  

The STAC4932B and STAC4932F utilise ST’s STAC package in bolt-down and flangeless variants, and target 100V pulse applications at power ratings over 1000W, such as laser driving and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  

The high thermal and electrical efficiency of the STAC package, which has a thermal base for direct soldering to a heatsink enables the RF power MOSFETs to produce high signal power at high frequencies while maximising reliability throughout an extended operating lifetime.  


  • Breakdown voltage: > 200V
  • 200ºC maximum junction operating temperature
  • 20:1 all phases load mismatch capability (SD4931/4933)

Output power: 

  • 150W min. with 14.8dB gain @ 175MHz (SD4931)
  • 300W min. with 24dB gain @ 30MHz (SD4933)
  • 1000 W min. (1200W typ.) with 26dB gain @ 123MHz (STAC4932B/F)

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