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NFC solutions from ST Microelectronics enable Wasion Group’s power meters

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article image ST’s NFC power meter solution consists of an NFC contactless interface (ST21NFCA) and a Secure Element (ST33F1M)
Leading global semiconductors specialist, ST Microelectronics and Wasion Group have announced the availability of NFC-enabled post-pay power meters for deployment in the municipal grid of ChongQing, China.

Wasion Group is China’s leading supplier of advanced energy-metering products and solutions.

Wasion’s new meters rely on ST’s Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology enabling convenient mobile payments of electricity bills with uncompromised data security.

ST’s NFC system-in-package solution uses the international-standard 13.56MHZ RF interface adopted for NFC mobile phones worldwide. Wasion’s post-pay NFC power meters enable consumers using their NFC mobile phones to read smart meters via a contactless RF interface and send the encrypted data over the 2G/3G mobile network to the banking backend to complete the electricity payment transaction.

The system-in-package consists of an NFC contactless interface (ST21NFCA) and a Secure Element (ST33F1M), which embeds a secure operating system from Gemalto, based on Global Platform GP2.2/Java3.0.1, considered one of the most advanced secure NFC payment platforms available in the market.

The Java OS and Java applets provide a secure environment for the application to run and store metering data, even enabling the same solution to be used for pre-pay contract users. The system-in-package is used along with an STM32 MCU and ST’s EEPROM in Wasion’s power meters.

ST is one of the earliest semiconductor manufacturers to offer both the NFC controller and a high-performance SWP Secure Element to provide a complete NFC mobile payment solution. By working with various mobile phone makers, mobile operators, and smart card vendors, ST can deliver a competitive and complete NFC solution to the market.

Arnaud Julienne, Director, MMS Marketing and Application, Greater China & South Asia Region, ST Microelectronics explains that ST’s NFC solution with high-performance Secure Element assures a secure user experience when making mobile payments with NFC-enabled smart phones, enabling users to complete their transactions from home. 

Xijun Feng, Wasion’s Chief Technology Officer observes that ST’s innovative solution can be adapted for use in various applications such as Smart Metering, NFC mobile payment applications, and Internet of Things, enabling equipment manufacturers to ride the popular mobile payment trend by offering NFC payment capability on their products.

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