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M24LR64 Wireless Memory from ST Microelectronics

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ST Microelectronics expands their range of Near-Field Communication (NFC) market with the M24LR64 wireless memory, which has the ability to transmit and receive information from an application to a smartphone containing NFC technology, or to an industrial Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) reader.

NFC are short-range operating technologies that enables customers to make payments, such as for public transits and convenience stores, through their mobile devices. It also allows communication between NFC-enabled devices. The M24LR64 wireless memory helps allow these transactions, data exchange, object identification and tracking to occur rapidly between these NFC-enabled devices.

A new application, called Dual EE that operates on the Android operating system, is fully compatible with ST Microelectronic’s M24LR64 wireless memory. The application connected the NFC smartphone to a prototype temperature recorder that features the M24LR64 wireless memory and demonstrates its data transfer and storage capabilities.

ST Microelectronic’s M24LR64 wireless memory is transferable to a broad range of products, such as medical devices, home appliances, consumer electronic products and meters. The memory can also operate with RFID equipment, which is used in the supply chain industry.

For more information, visit ST Microelectronic’s website.

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