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Leading Indian cable operator picks ST’s cable chipsets to broaden market access and grow subscriber base

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A leading Indian cable multi system operator, GTPL Networks has selected STi5197 SD and STiH273 HD cable chipsets from STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd to deliver an even better user experience and grow their subscriber base as well as revenues.

STMicroelectronics is a global semiconductor leader and a top supplier of System-on-Chip (SoC) ICs for set-top boxes and home gateways. GTPL with over three million digital subscribers, has chosen ST’s STiH273 (Palma) for HD zappers and STi5197 for SD zappers for their digitisation initiative.

Both STiH273 and STi5197 chipsets integrate a field-proven and widely deployed Digital Video Broadcast-Cable (DVB-C) demodulator that has been optimised to work with high-performance external tuners to meet the stringent RF-performance requirements of the Indian cable networks.

The STiH273 offers high-quality Faroudja video, 3DTV support, connectivity, and advanced security schemes with the latest Conditional Access System (CAS) support. Manufactured in 40nm process technology, the chipsets support an enhanced processing engine with integrated on-chip features that simplify set-top box design, enabling operators to take advantage of lower-cost memories, and minimising system power consumption.

The STi5197 sets a new industry standard for secure, mass-market set-top boxes, achieving outstanding success with more than 20 million deployments in Indian homes serviced by cable. The STi5197 delivers high-quality video, USB PVR-Lite support, and advanced security schemes with all the latest Conditional Access System (CAS) support.

According to Guru Prasad V, Sr. Vice President, Technology, GTPL Networks, there is a strong market requirement for both standard-definition and high-definition set-top boxes. Their new set-top boxes leverage ST’s feature-packed and flexible System-on-Chip ICs, providing an ideal platform for GTPL to deliver innovative value-added services to their customers.

He adds that the STiH273 and STi5197 SoCs are clearly the right choices for their latest generation of set-top boxes with the right power, versatility, and features to meet market needs. ST’s cable chipsets will help GTPL drive digital migration and bring high-quality digital TV solutions to their customers.

Vivek Sharma, Vice President, Greater China and South Asia region, and Director, India Design Center, STMicroelectronics comments that ST is proud to contribute to GTPL’s digitisation drive, adding that the selection of their chipsets confirms the competitiveness of their product offering, which enables ST to deliver customised solutions for any specific set-top box market.

The Government of India has mandated the digitisation of cable services in the country with an aim to improve the quality of cable TV and push the scope for more cable TV channels in the country. Post digitisation, viewers can access digital content and services through a set-top box (STB) or in the IPTV mode. ST’s comprehensive and complete solutions, designed for fast time-to-market, enable service providers to bring out the best and most affordable digital set-top box solutions to their subscribers.

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