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Various Electronic Goods from RF Innovations

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RF Innovations  are supplier of wireless data products which include Licensed Data Radios,Licensed free data radios, Paging Transmitters, SCADA and Networking, Antennas and Multi coupling.

Licensed radios are available in UHF and VHF frequency range with simple or advanced modems having distances up to 80 km. Licensed -free data radios are available in UHF,VHF,2.4GHz,900MHz bands with single channel and frequency hopping units used for virtual purposes.

Paging transmitters from RF Innovations are offered with high frequency stability having true DSP frequency generations used in POCSAG, FLEX and ERMES networks. SCADA and Networking offers input and output expansion for digital ,analog and relay applications.

Antenna and Multi coupling are used along with RF Innovations Radio modems for site communication and mobile data systems.UHF/VHF/900MHz Antennas are used at base stations,low profile areas etc.

RF Innovations Crescendo UHF/VHF Data Radios are of high speed used in low latency communications in areas of mining,utilities,Defence and Environmental industries.Radios are known for its support against standard protocols.5watts output power has to be used in maximum coverage areas.Crescendo series are designed in such a way that it suits harsh environments.

RF Innovations new product RFI-Allegro is made with cruise control support and front panel display for trouble free diagnostic and configuration purposes. Features of RFI-Allegro:Have forward error correction link integrity,LED Panel display for immediate diagnosis.,Window based GUI Support etc.

RF Innovations has its own applications in various industries.RF Innovations data radios are used in mining industries.Rf Innovation has developed RFI-Mine link system which helps in downloading operational data from caterpillar trucks in open pit mines.

RF Innovations data radios are used in Emergency services and Public security services.Emergency Response system helps in improving effectiveness and coordination of attendance during an emergency with help of VHF networking systems.

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