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UHF Data Radio in Electricity Distribution DNP3 SCADA Systems

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Electricity distribution companies utilise wide area SCADA systems to control and monitor their assets. Given the difficulty in cabling communications infrastructure to many geographically disperse locations UHF data radios are used as a wireless channel to carry the SCADA protocols such as DNP3. 

RF Innovations UHF data radios are used in these networks due to standard features that make them ideal for the application. DNP3 protocol compatible routing and radio network diagnostics enables the wireless network to transport information relating to the electricity network efficiently and at the same time report issues regarding the wireless network via diagnostics.

The locations where UHF data radios are installed include reclosers, transformers and capacitor banks. The remote locations are polled from a central DCS where network operators are updated on the status of the power distribution network and can perform manual controls. Central control of the network allows operators to maintain electricity network efficiency and to sectionalise the network, in case of faults, to reduce the affected areas and restore power quickly to a number of electricity users.

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