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Split Port VHF Data Radios for Leaky Feeder

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RF Innovations  has released a range of UHF and VHF data radios for use with narrow band leaky feeder systems in underground mining. The radios have all the necessary features for reliable operation in harsh underground environments.

The split-port version of the UHF and VHF data radio allows easy connection to head-end repeater systems without the need for combiners and splitters. This allows for less connection losses and maximum received signal for the data system.

The series of UHF and VHF data radios is suitable for underground mining and tunnel applications where reliable underground data transfer is critical. The data radios are also used for fleet tracking and management as well as high precision systems for machine control and automation.

The data radio can be used in small or large scale telemetry systems with almost any PLC, RTU, HMI or DCS vendor for monitoring and control of critical assets. Telemetry applications include, pump station and tank control, irrigation, fan and pressure control, personnel tagging, heavy equipment diagnostics and environmental monitoring.

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