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SCADA radio and radio telemetry applications use RF Innovations data radios

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RF Innovations  data radios are used for SCADA radio and radio telemetry applications to automate electricity distribution systems.

The high power VHF and UHF radio modems offer long distance communications and are positioned at recloser locations as a part of larger Distribution System Automation (DSA) programmes.

Use of a SCADA radio allows real-time rearrangement of normally open points in the network to reconfigure the network and restore power when other points have gone into the lockout state.

The VHF and UHF data radio networks are also used to collect trending data for the performance of the electricity distribution system.

RF Innovations data radioa is designed for industrial applications and have a number of beneficial features for remote monitoring where reliability, security and cost are important factors.

Along with RF Innovations specialised design, internal Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Automatic Repeat requests (ARQ), the industrial radio gives better performance. The radio offers data reliability and features easy to use remote diagnostics.

VHF and UHF radio modems also offer data security, and high availability. A radio network can be used, giving the option for high-speed updates and high network traffic with no per-byte transfer costs. The always-on connection also means the network will be available when needed and will not suffer in periods of high traffic.

The radio packet data mode allows all the common transfer protocols for industrial networks, including Modbus and DNP3 and allows diagnostics transfer live while the user system is running. Packet data mode is utilised when the radios are required to route protocol packets through the network. Alternatively, a transparent protocol mode can be used in the case of a smart RTU at the outstations.

Specifically useful for distribution system automation applications is the radio repeater mode, where a packet radio is configured to repeat messages to outstations along a line. The feature allows for an all-in-one low cost radio telemetry outstation and repeater, so there is no need for separate repeater stations in a network.

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