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RF Innovations provides Data Radios for Irrigation Management

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article image RF Innovations Data Radios In Irrigation Private Radio Network

Based in Australia, RF Innovations provides data radios for irrigation management.

Councils and organisations are turning to private radio networks utilising licensed data radios to assist in managing watering cycles due to the water usage restrictions. The data radio network allows the user to control their irrigation systems from a central location using real-time control of water cycles. Therefore, irrigation systems that are distributed over a wide area can be easily changed based on weather forecasts and changing conditions. 

A private radio network is also provided, which has no ongoing per-byte fees and has  control of the radio system. The dedicated radio channel gives high availability and full-time access to control irrigation solenoids and retrieve real-time operational information and diagnostics.

These high-end data radios feature store and forward repeater modes, remote diagnostics and remote configuration. This allows expansion of the private radio network for good geographical coverage.

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