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RF Innovations UHF data radio in train control signalling

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RF Innovations ' UHF data radio products have been used in rail signaling and wayside monitoring systems as an alternative to the traditionally wired communication networks.

Wireless train control systems such as Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) that utilise UHF data radio networks for in-cab signaling have proven to be a cost effective alternative to hard-wired signaling networks for rail operations.

In-cab signaling means the rail operators can choose to do away with trackside signals and install comparatively less UHF data radio communications sites to transfer signal aspect and authority information between central operations and the trains. The data radio infrastructure can also be used to communicate warnings to the central when train movement occurs beyond its authority to do so.

In wide area main line freight and mining haul railways there is often large gaps between services, in these times the UHF data radio network is used to upload background maintenance information from wayside monitoring systems where the critical maintenance information such as warnings that may cause derailment can be transferred as a small overlay on top of the signaling communications.

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